Where the Heart Is

After watching all three movies last Saturday at a theater, I got to reflecting on Samwise and the look on (Sean Astin) Samwise face upon returning to the Shire from the Grey Havens. So I offer the Company this Drabble Poem.  - Onono Laivindur

"Where The Heart Is"

Not long, by Elvish count, the days from then to this
From coronation of the King, to the leaving of Imladris

Celeborn and Galadriel, joined Elrond along the way
Awaiting Gandalf and Frodo, before they sailed away

The last homely house, is vacant now, there in Rivendell
None visit save birds and beasts, except Tom Bombadil

Likewise the trees of Lothórien, once merry, stand forlorn
There is no harp or song to cheer, the lonely ward, Fangorn

Of places where we walked; Buckland Hall to Gondor’s Spire
None are more precious to my heart than Bag End in the Shire.