- On'ono Laivindur
A Reflection of Boromir's Ride

Many tournaments, many battles, hunting trips, and races,
there could not be a more sure footed horse, which always set the paces.
She bore me steadfastly through Gondor and many distant places,
she never shied away in the fray, even in the tightest spaces.

I'll remember her all my days, she was as loyal as a wife,
and more than thrice did fight for me and verily saved my life.
Now I am counted to the Nine, walkers against evil do strive,
to see the Halfling to Mordors step, and rid the world of strife.

Oh how I wish She did not perish,
the thoughts of her I'll always cherish.

Lo, but now, I have this vow to do,
For Gondor, and Gwynne, I'll see it through.