Mind Your Feet

- Onomir

Meriadoc Brandybuck, many long tales and songs replay,
How with short sword in hand, he bravely fought that day.
Riding together, to aid Gondor’s host, with Lady Eowyn fair
He slew the Witch King, turning the tide, and lay fallen there.

Cousin Pippin, clad in Gondorian Tower array found his beloved kin,
Gathering Merry to the Houses of Healing where he’d quickly mend.
Not knowing the fate of Frodo and Sam they joined Aragon’s plight,
Lost cause as it be, they’d fight to the last, and defeat the night.

Nay Sayers may come and cast doubt on such a hobbity tale,
But those that were there saw how large odds came to no avail;
Against those who fought for love and truth and beloved friends,
So remember dears, that each adventure but with one step begins.