Who are the Fairest in this Middle-Earth

- On'ono Laivindur
Who are the fairest in this Middle-Earth?
Is it Those Under Mother’s Heart,
awaiting their birth?

Or is it the Wee Ones,
that make us all laugh;
and still need a hand,
to get out of the bath.

It could be The Children;
just starting school,
learning life’s wonders;
and The Golden Rule.

Think of The Maidens;
Who keep hope in a chest,
And swoon at the thought;
Cradling Elijah to their breast.

Perhaps it’s The Mothers;
Who care for big and small,
From timid woodland creatures;
To horses in stalls,
And wipe away tears from swollen red eyes;
And speak words of wisdom;
When their men aren’t so wise.

Forget not the Matrons;
Who call us all Dear,
With love spent a lifetime;
Never hearing the cheers,
That victorious Hero’s;
Hear ring in their ears.
But quietly give us;
A warm loving glance,
And speak only seldom,
Of their youth and romance.

Give honor to The Steadfast;
Woman of Faith,
With her life serves The Lord;
In humblest grace,
Who spreads The Good Word;
And bring us good cheer,
Who whispers her prayers;
That go straight to God’s ear.

Thankful are we for The Mods who erase;
All our faux pas and all the disgrace,
Who keep the water bucket always around;
In case some young sailor,
Starts pawing the ground.
And invent the cute polls;
And post their remark,
To help all the newbies;
Get out of the dark. (nt)

So Who Are The Fairest In This Middle-Earth Here?
It is The Fellowship Of Women,

And to that, I say Cheers!