- On'ono Laivindur
In the ancient days after the flood;
A Númenórean queen of Eldar blood,
Reigned o’er the remnant of a people fair,
Tall and brave with golden hair.

Graced with wisdom, a faith steadfast;
Her people followed, an Age went past.
The land was healed from the Shadow cast
But peace enjoyed, did not long last.

Legions of orcs and men did assail;
Tumladen, The Wide Valley, The Hidden Vale,
The battle call was raised again;
“For Eirol, Our Queen, Númenóreans!”

Battles and skirmishes won and lost;
Helmless golden hair did toss,
As sunshine bright upon the field,
With sword and shield She did not yield.

One hundred years of war wore on;
The foe was crushed by strength of arms,
With Her kingdom safe, in glorious state
A Gondorian King she took to mate.

Middle-Earth enjoyed as in the days of yore;
From north to south, east to western shore,
The Joy and Peace and Happiness,
A Gift, from the Queen of Westernesse.