Dark Love

- On'ono Laivindur
A Song of Remembrance for Eöl,Dark Elf and Aredhel Ar-Feiniel, The White Lady.
Inspired by Lothithil and "Of Maeglin" from The Unfinished Tales.

A love not to be, found Eöl, by the Sea.
Returning to Nan-Elmoth, tall and dark forest lost.

His piercing eye one night did see,
Aredhel Ar-Feiniel, his spouse to be.

The White Lady of the Elves Noldor,
Who's wander lust led her wide and far.

From brother Turgon's halls in Gondolin,
She was lost in land of Nan Dungortheb.

The Lady White wed the Darf Elf then,
She bore him a son, Lomion-Maeglin.

Maeglin learned skills from the Naugrim,
In deep dwarven halls Eöl took him.

Aredhel's heart did not rest,
She and Maeglin longed for Nevrast.

Eöl, Dark Elf, was to travel long
Early though returning, found them gone.

He followed them to Hidden Gondolin,
Return to Nan-Elmoth, he ordered them.

They refused, a poisoned spear he tossed,
To slay son Maeglin, but Aredhel was lost.

Her mother love protected her son,
The Lady of White slipped away with the sun.

King Turgon pronounced Eöl's doom,
and from Gondolin's high walls was thrown.

An evil seed was planted there,
Maeglin's heart was never clear.

Gondolin the fair city hidden,
The Encircling Mountains veiled glen.

Soon would fall and all be lost,
Such was Eöl's curse, when from wall was tossed.

So ends my song of Dark Elf, Eöl,
A tale of dark love from the Age of old.