Danger's Door

- On'ono Laivindur
By, T. S. Tharp/Onóno 02/2004
Dedicated to Aunt Kimby

Twas 3am, foggy and cold
Me shivering out here, not feeling so bold
Merry is late and our mission is cast
We could not wait longer; we must go at last
All of the planning and all of our hope
Our goal was the treasure, my hearts in my throat
A shadow is coming, is it a foe or is it Merry
A Hobbit of stature, bravery, and wit
I wish I were like him, even a bit
"Courage Pippin", whispered Merry, "come on now lets go".
So down past the hedgerows we silently strode
Merry in front and I close behind
We found right in front of us demon green eyes
It looked at us once and blinked and then stared
As if we were ghosts and not even there
I couldn’t breath as we skirted near by
And I trembled with fear at the thought of those eyes
Finding our way down a well-worn foot path
We stood at dangers door, we had to act fast
Heavy and wooden the door moaned and creaked
We slipped in and lit a torch, the treasure to seek
Seeing the boxes and sacks full aplenty
We gathered as much as two Hobbits could carry
Snuffing the torch and now running for camp
We made it safe and were thankful for that
Spilling the sacks and opening the boxes
We felt more like thieves than clever sly foxes
But we danced and sang there in our room
For the golden treasure of farmer Maggots Mushrooms