Boromir's Butterfly

- On'ono Laivindur

Boromir rode down the path that led to Rivendell
Felt the sunshine on his face as it warmed the hidden vale
A dozen butterflies rose up, some between his horse’s legs
A few he brushed away as they fluttered by his face
And smiled as a great Monarch lit, finding a resting place

He felt it try and get a hold, wings beating in the air
He smiled and laughed and looked around, a butterfly in his hair
Hoping no one saw him, smiling, and riding there
Boromir rode a little on and right before the gate
The yellow wings took flight once more
And touched this man so great
To witness such a freedom
To be unfettered by such fate

As he approached he turned once more
And bid his friend farewell
He sternly looked up to the gate and entered Rivendell
He knew that now his fate was cast and whispered with a sigh
Oh that I could fly away with you, my precious Butterfly