Remembering Boromir the Brave

- On'ono Laivindur

"Sword Arm Of Gondor"

Boldness and brazen resolve to rid the city of orcs, he battled forth with,
the future of Gondor and his people depended on his army freeing Osgilith.

Standard Bearers stood boldly by, as Boromir slew the enemies from side to side,
boldly defying the hordes of The Eye, Boromir terrified them with his fierce battle cry.

Two days of open war and Boromir slew many, they lay slain in the streets, of The Anduin's City,
the body count was high, Osgilith laid waste, Boromir cried, and so mores the pity.

"Let us hope little brother they do not return, or for certain next time, The White City will burn."
"I fear you are right but this fact they descerned, to face the Sword Arm Of Gondor is a harsh lesson to learn."

It was not shown in the movie, though I wish it had been, what was the gift of the Galadriel to Boromir....
a Golden belt and to the Hobbits Merry and Pippen, Silver belts.

"The Gift Of Galadriel"

Palms outstretched, princely head bowed low
Boromir took the offered belt of gold

Within his mind She whispered clear
Brave Son of Gondor, have no fear

Hope remains if your fellowships true
May the grace of the Elves remain with you

"Well Suited Prince"

So was Boromir's Princely apparel
Royal purple tunic, leather and mail
Black Bear cloak and black clad shield
The Horn of Gondor was carried concealed
Ornate braces and silver tipped sheath
Gold threaded collar appeared as a wreath
But of all these fineries that Boromir wore
It was his noblity and valor, he dawned for war