Who but Boromir

- On'ono Laivindur
(With dedication to Linaewen, a fellow Boromir friend)

Who but Boromir journeyed long and lone?
In Rivendell pondered over the dream foretold,
And when he saw the Halfling there;
Wanted for his people, the Ring to share.

Who but Boromir stood for Men?
Alone in a Fellowship for his kin,
His concern for the Hobbits long before Amon Hen;
Twas he, that taught the Halflings, the swords of men.

Who but Boromir knew the safe path?
When questions arose on the cliffs of Caradhras,
With bravery and strength defended all;
He stood his ground in Durin’s Hall.

Who but Boromir found no rest?
Amidst the Elves in their treetop nests,
As he floated down the Anduin;
His will was bent by the evil Ring.

Who but Boromir took his chance?
He wanted the Ring from that first glance,
Here he thought chance had come to pass;
For his father and Gondor, to be safe at last.

Who but Boromir shook loose the spell?
And fought for the Hobbits, he loved so well,
He blew his horn and its echo soared;
They heard it at home, on Gondor’s shore.

Who but Boromir, when he breathed his last,
Kept his honor, spirit, and valor fast;
With sword in hand, held to his breast,
He made a vow and was laid to rest.

Who but Boromir deserves our praise?
For him we sing throughout the days;
His courage and bravery go on evermore,
Be at peace, Boromir, Beloved Son of Gondor.