My Birthday Present

- Onomir

Born of malice, hate, envy, and deceit
It’s shiny gold band was a tempting treat

It swayed people within their heart
And once possessed none wished to part

When taken from Sauron, he did decline
Beheld by Isildur he claimed it as mine

An age later in the river it was found by Deagol
Murder made it a birthday present to Smeagol

Under the mountain it came to the Dwarves burglar Bilbo
He used it on his journey to help them wherever they did go

On his 111th birthday he used it just once more
His disappearing then gave rise to much Shire lore

The ring came to Frodo on his birthday too
Gandalf said keep it safe till I know what to do

Once or twice Frodo would take it out “just to see it”
And whisper to his precious ring, “my birthday present”

The moral of the tale is that things arn't what they seem
Especially if possessing them turns one greedy and mean

So be thankful for what you have and don't desire more
Or you may find your precious will lead you into Mordor