- On'ono Laivindur
Awoken; Smaug says;

I know Him by His scent.
A small voice down the hole He went.
A polite thief, a cup, a I believe.
A puff of flame after Him I sent.

He was rude to awake me so.
Steal from me, He must be bold.
I'll take to the air and give Him a scare.
Roasted barrel-rider won't steal much gold.

Then down to Lake Town I'll fly.
It's been long since I heard the cry.
The Dragon comes! I'll feast on their sons.
Then take a nap, on my gold, with a sigh.

At Their Birthday Party; Bilbo says;

Never laugh at a live Dragon, my boy.
Or He will surely His flame employ.
Engage Him with wit, and riddles a bit.
And you'll live, a life long, in joy.

by; Onóno September 22 2004
Happy Birthday Bagginses!