Limericks about Treebeard and Ents

A wizard sat in his tower,
musing over his power,
When out from the trees,
come walkers with no knees,
to make all his forces cower.
- The Foe Hammer

There once was an ent named Treebeard,
who had very little he feared.
But when orc's came with axe,
and good trees they hacked,
they soon regretted the road they had steered.

(Addition by Gimli’s Goat:)
And being chopped down for boats,
Cos that was the way he was reared!
- The Foe Hammer

Treebeard was on a hill sunning
When two hobbits escaped Orcs a-running,
They raised the alarm
Ents stopped all the harm
From Orc and wizard so cunning!!
- pi

Awakened from slumbering life
Hurt neither from axe, sword, or knife
Fangorn awoke all the Huorns
Making Orcs start to mourn
But still yearn for just one entwife!
- pi

There once was a mossy old tree;
Soaking up sunshine was he,
‘Til two Shire-folk
Gave his roots a good poke
And off to war went he, hasty!
- Primula

With a beard full of snails so slow,
An Ent could have terribly woe,
But he didn’t mind,
If the snails were unkind -
His portable snack: escargot.

Two limericks in honor of Primula's work...
You might think that it's terribly wierd,
That an ent had some snails in his beard.
Yet it bothered him not.
He had drunk some ent-draught.
But for Pippin and Merry he feared.

"I'm afraid," said old Treebeard the ent,
As he strode through the trees, knees unbent,
"I have brought you no food!"
Pippin cried, "Snails are good!"
And with that the ent's escargot went.

There once was a nonhasty Ent
Whose back was not easily bent;
Those two little halflings
Stopped Treebeard from waffling,
And to Orthanc's walls were Ents sent!
- Linaewen

There once was an age-old Ent
Who with his Ent brothers did lament
When the Entwives went away.
They look forward to the day
When again they join in merriment.
-Lady Lindiriel

An Ent saw a terrible sight
That kept him up most of the night.
He stomped hard and stern,
And the orcs soon did learn
That his stomp was much worse than his bite.
- Primula

With eyes that go deeper than wells
And leaves that the spring always swells,
My Ent-wife so dear -
Ah, if she could be here
Perhaps with the flowers she’d dwell.
- Primula

Ol' Saruman the White,
terrified at the sight.
As an army of Ents,
turns his land to steam vents
and Wormtongue weeps with fright!
- Shelob

There once was an Ent named Treebeard,
Whom many considered quite weird;
He herded the trees
With no bend in his knees,
And his wrath is what Saruman feared!
- Old Toby

There was an old ent named Treebeard,
Who through time became terribly feared,
He roamed Fangorn at night,
Caught two hobbits in flight,
Thought them orc's at first sight
But he helped them though he thought they were weird...
- Viggolove