Limericks about Tom Bombadil & Goldberry

The day has just barely begun
And Lin is feeling quite glum.
Her Bombadil tale
Ain't going too well;
No matter! It still will be fun.
- Linaewen

There once was a fellow named Tom,
Whose clothes weren’t exactly “The Bomb”,
But we shouldn’t misjudge,
Or hold a big grudge,
Since we don’t even know where he’s from.

Tom Bombadil was a good fellow,
Even though he wore pants that were yellow,
And in his manner of speech,
He sought mostly to teach,
how to make one’s worries more mellow.
- The Foe Hammer

Tom Bombadil

Old Tom Bombadil, was a jolly fellow
With his jacket blue and his boots yellow
From cold tomb of the barrowight,
Saved four hobbits from the night.
And sang a song for Old Man Willow.


Beautiful Goldberry, fair river-daughter,
Made rain go away with her bright laughter.
She dearly loved bread and honey,
And summer days, all gold and sunny.
Met Tom Bombadil and lived happily ever after.
- Shelob

A-singing along through the heather
Came a jolly strange man, hat and feather.
Bright blue and yellow,
The oddest fellow
But handy to have in bad weather.

A-tromping along in his boots,
Tom singing rhymes never went mute,
Though he sang very silly,
And hopped willy-nilly
He never lost track of his roots.

When deep in the barrow of wights,
And shivering from many frights,
A call for the Master
Whose feet they are faster
Brought songs that soon set it all rights.

There once was a willow gone bad,
In the clutches of whom they were had
Until their hard folly
Was turned bright and jolly
By a mystery, blue-yellow clad.

There once were some hobbits with dreams
In the safest of houses, it seems,
They tossed and they turned
As their memories churned,
But the log slept, as log-sleep is deemed.

There once was a fair River Daughter
Courted by the strange man who sought her
With lilies and flowers
And strong-singing powers
He sweet-rhymed until he had caught her.
- Primula