Limericks for Samwise

There once was a fine, simple gardener
Who to the plot added a hardener,
For he was the glue
That held it all true
When he signed up as his Master’s pardner.
- Primula

There once was a hobbit named Sam,
Who was the son of a Gamgee named Ham,
He stayed by his master,
In the face of disaster,
And helped him out of all sorts of jams.
- The Foe Hammer

A hobbit who lived at Bag End
Had a loyal and trustworthy friend
He was loyal and true
Saw the journey right through
And was one on whom all could depend!
- Wheathills

Simple and shy to most
Not a Hobbit to easily bost
But when Frodo is facing disatster
No one comes any faster
Than the little Hobbit Samwise
Whose courage brushes the skies!
- Peregrine

There once was a gardener a-clipping,
By the window where words were a-slipping,
He was caught by his ears
When he heard words a-feared,
And soon found himself off a-tripping!
- Primula

There once was a Hobbit named Sam
whose gardening skills were so grand
His vegetables green
were the best ever seen
But his flowers grew quite out of hand!
- Old Toby

There once was young Samwise the Bold,
And ever to faith he would hold,
Out from his strong grip
No despair could e’er rip
His hopes til their tale was all told.

Our dear Samwise fellow
Never did he turn yellow
He took a little sword
And the Old Spider, gored.
Made it hard for her to swallow!
- Shelob

There once was a hobbit so dear
To Frodo, he was always so near
He said, "Sam you go!"
Sam said, "Oh no!
I shall go with you through all fears!"
- Tori*Took

There once was a hobbit so cozy
Snuggling up to his favorite Rosie,
Though he went away
For a year and a day
Since he's back, she wasn’t too nosey.
- Primula

There once was an old gaffer
Whose words were quoted much after
Sam went away
would always say
Such things that would cause Frodo laughter
- Tori*Took

There once was a grassy verge patch:
That contained a fortuitous catch,
For a hero so stable
Was flipped on the table
And escaped being something un-natch.

There once was a Sam from the Shire,
Who helped throw a ring into fire,
Now as it was written,
His friend's finger was bitten,
And no one could call him a liar.
- Elanor Gamgee

There once was a hobbit named Sam
Who got into a terrible jam
He exploded, they say
On Bilbo's birthday
When he ate way too much ham.
- Princess of Mirkwood

There once was a hobbit named Sam
He really liked blueberry jam
But then he found goo
And indeed it's now true:
Our Sam likes goo better than jam
- Legolasgirl3