Limericks about Theoden, Eomer & Rohan

In Edoras there was a Parade,
and the call for a new song was made.
So they scoured Rohan,
found a Bach named Johann,
And a band the new anthem soon played!
- Dr. Gamgee

There once was an old Rohan king
To whom all the cobwebs would cling
Until a grey wiz
Told it just like it is,
And the lightbulb went on, minus string!
- Primula

There once was a whispering worm
Who undermined, softened, un-firmed;
But he forgot to say,
"Get along, go away!":
Gandalf squooshed him right down til he squirmed.
- Primula

There once was a horse lord named Éomer
Who won renown for his long, golden hair,
Then he met Legolas
His hair was surpassed!
And he fainted in shock and despair!

When Gimli went to Rohan he lied
And told everyone he could ride
As his horse ran around
Gimli fell to the ground,
And Éowyn laughed so hard she cried!

It’s fair to say it’s untrue
That Éowyn makes the best stew
Though it looks nice and thick,
It makes people sick
A very bad Cordon bleu!

When the warg riders first appeared
Théoden knew things were worse than he’d feared
He took a long look
Was this in the book?
That Movie Contract had looked a bit weird!
- Fan of Faramir

I keep thinking it must be a trick,
To be asked to write a limerick,
But the topic: Rohan,
Doesn't great humor spawn,
With the burining of tree, cot and rick.
- Dr. Gamgee

There was a rohirrim named Eomer,
Who was a bit of a horse-tamer,
He galloped at speed,
No dangers did heed,
Now his horse couldn't be any lamer...
- Viggolove