Limericks for Pippin

There once was a hobbit named Pippin
Who over the landscape was rippin’
When he noticed the hour,
Gave a call to “devour!”
And in apples he soon was a-nippin’.
- Primula

When the doors of the mine fastly stead
“What will you do?” Pippin said.
Gandalf glowered a look,
“I’ll pick you up, Took,
And I’ll bash it right in with your head!’
- Primula

There once was a hobbit in youth
Who gave irrefutable proof
That courage, not size
Was the measure of pride
When he flashed forth in knighthood, forsooth!

A hobbit looked into at a sphere
That was dark and filled him with fear.
But a Dark Lord he bluffed,
For his courage was tough,
And Gandalf, thank goodness, was near.
- Primula

By Fangorn small Pip and Mer-ry
By their wits managed to wiggle free,
Then tipped scales of power
For that guy in the tower
Thanks to an old talking tree.
- Bluebell

There once lived the Took in the Shire
Who set Gandalf’s dragon on fire.
It flew off with a bang
He said, ”Do it again”
But was thwarted by wizardly ire.

There once was a Hobbit named Pippin
On mugs of ale he was sippin
He drank a little too much
Fell down as such
And all the way home was a skippin.
-Galadriel TX

There once was a hobbit named Pip
Who gave Farmer Maggot the slip.
He loved his potatoes,
But not ash on tomatoes!
That food-loving hobbit named Pip.
- Linaewen

Boromir taught Pippin to use a sword
Just to keep himself from being bored
Little hobbit slashing
Great warrior crashing
Pippin and Merry, prisoners of evil orc horde!

There was a young Hobbit named Pippin
A large pint of ale he liked sippin'
Though trouble he'd find, don't pay it no mind;
with his sword 'gainst the Orcs he'd be rippin'!
- Old Toby

There once was a hobbit named Pippin.
who in trouble always was a slippin'
but when he was needed,
and cautions he heeded,
his merits soon had us all flippin'
-The Foe Hammer

Billy Boyd is a scot
I really like him a lot
He can meet me any day
Please don’t get in the way
Cos he loves me and loves ye not!
- Gimli's Goat

Pippin and Merry captured by the goblins
Slashed with a whip, soon they were hobblin'
Escaped and ran into Treebeard's arms
He vowed to keep em' safe from harm
Gave them draughts of Ent ale, now they're wobblin'

Pippin was such a brave lad
Even when, with Merry, he was bad
He went on the Quest
A tough journey at best
Always a smile for others he had!
- Shelob

Goodnight my friend Pippin, goodnight,
This 'day' for you has been a delight
Even though you are small
You were the favorite of all
And we forgive your lack of 'insight’