The Neverending Limerick Story 8

Taken from the ongoing Word Games section of the Storyteller's Circle

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As the hobbits got down to the plain
They wandered a bit, did the twain,
Just looking around
For what could be found
To get on their path once again.

"So why did we come here again?"
Asked Pip, "For I dinna a ken!
All this flying and floatings,
These eagles and boatings,
Have made me forget where or when!"

"We're looking for Entwives, dear Pip,"
Said Merry, "And my what a trip!
For east, west, south and north
We shall bravely hold forth,
Hoping on our radar there's a blip."

No that's not quite right, don't you see?
We saw entwives up at Bree
So off we will go
Leaving the snow
And eagles up in their eyrie.

We came to find Fangorn, you drip
Now stop giving me all your lip!
We need to tell Treebeard
Of entwives up Bree-ward
So what do you think, cousin Pip?

Pip nodded, for he would agree
With anything from ol' Merr-y,
And so off they did go,
Brushing away the snow,
Seeking out a tall, moss-bearded tree.

Adventures and tales often bestow
the part of the traveler's woe,
it's tough to return
for they quickly learn
going out can be easier than going home.

But the hobbits were shocked in this place.
The had thought that the Ents would all race!
Fangorn said, "Ents will go,
But must not rush them so;
Entwives need time to "put on thier face."

So they dawdled and whiled it away,
Playing hopscotch, a-napping for days,
They waited and wondered
If finding Ents was a blunder,
For no haste had they, nuh-uh, no way!

After weeks had passed with no progress,
The two hobbits grew grouchy and stressed,
"You wanted your wives,
For you said they're your lives,
Yet you don't seek to find their caress?"

Said Fangorn, "I am glad you did track
The entwives. But please don't give us flack!
If you must know the reason
We're waiting a season,
It's simple; My wife's a Sumac!

'A season?!" they cried, "That's so long!"
For waiting that much we're not strong.
We think that we may
Soon be on our way,
Though we hope you will not think it wrong."

While waiting let's go for a drink
Of Ent-draught and quick as a wink
We will start to grow
And quite soon you know
We'll have time to sit down and think.

"You know, here's a great business plan -
We could open up Ent-draughts to Man!
If we stirred up a tub
And opened a pub,
There would hardly be room there to stand.

We could call it Fangorn's Fabulous Fizz,
With Ent help we could soon be in biz -
Whatcha say there, Treebeard?
Do you think straight we've steered?
It'll be the best Fizz biz there is!"

My dear hobbits, you may have a plan,
But I must say one thing, if I can.
If all hobbits can drink
Like you two, then I think,
Hobbits soon will be tall as a man!

"As tall as a Man?" they both cried,
"That's right strange, we do not deny -
If we grew up like that,
Soon we wouldn't fit hats,
And our pants would hang down swim-short high."

"Maybe we should rethink this here plan,
For if we grew then so would a Man -
And some Men up so tall
Would bump heads in our hall,
And would tower above all their fans."

So what's the big plan for us here?
We came and found ol' Treebeard dear
but now at the entmoot
we here musical toots
From ents talking both far and near.

They tooted so loud that the city
Far across the plain heard the ditty,
They sent out some Men
Far into the fen
To see what the Ents sang so pretty.

What surprise did the men have to find
Under leaves halflings, two of a kind.
"Come on to our hall,
Do not waver or fall,
For the King for your company's pined!"

Said the two, “We accept your invite!
We could do with a drink and a bite!
And to visit the King
Would be a nice thing,
And to sleep in snug beds for a night.”

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