The Neverending Limerick Story 1

Taken from the Word Games section of the Storyteller's Circle
Participants include: Daughter of Kings, Laiquendi, Pi, Primula, onónë, Seansbeanie & Tinidril - Mostly Primula & Pi.

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Rules, as posted by Tinidril:

This is a cooperative story written entirely in limerick verse. I got the idea from another fan board (for Stephen R. Lawhead) and I thought it was a lot of fun! For any who may not be familiar with how a limerick is written, it loosly follows this pattern:

da-da-da da-da-da rhyme one
da-da-da da-da-da rhyme one
da-da-da rhyme two
da-da-da rhyme two
da-da-da da-da-da rhyme one

The number of sylables is less important than the "beat" (shown in bold) because you can sometimes squeeze unstressed sylables between in order to make the words fit the meter. But more important than keeping the meter is keeping the simple rhyming scheme of 1st, 2nd, and 5th line rhyming; 3rd and 4th line another rhyme.

The final line of the stanza should be a punchline of some sort. It could be a plot twist, a joke, a surprise, or just something totally silly or even ridiculous.

The stanzas do not have to link rhymes. Meaning that you may use whatever rhyme you choose, it doesn't have to follow from the previous stanza.

Here are two sources which will make writing in rhyme much easier: and

This is in the Tolkien word game board, so let's keep the story within Middle-earth, but we need not be confined to known characters or events. Get out your map of Middle-earth and dig into appendices and lost tales, or just use your fertile imagination! Stretchy

There are only two rules (other than to keep it clean, of course):
1. your verse needs to either advance or enhance the story: it must follow logically from the previous verse(s).
2. under no circumstances should you end the story!

I'll begin...

There was a young hobbit of Bree
Whose cousin got stuck in a tree
He'd come running to help
When he heard the lad yelp
But he could not convince him to flee!