Limericks about Mithlond

To the Havens at last he must go
To heal his heart and soul
Sam waves goodbye
with a tear in his eye
as the winds steer north and blow
- Kaybaggins

Cirdan the shipwright so wise,
could see well the Istaris' eyes;
to Grey One of old
was Narya bestowed,
for hope would be needed from lies.

There once was a Belfalas Bay,
Where the Elves liked to frolic, they say -
The ships come and go,
Up and down, to and fro,
And sometimes they sail away.
- Primula

There once was a grey elf named Fred.
Who got easily lost, so its' said.
He sailed into the east,
Where he met the foul Beast.
And now he's an elf who is dead.
- Daisy Gold

And elderly hobbit who wrote,
Was convinced to climb into a boat,
But his ponderous weight
Soon proved far too much freight...
"I told you that hobbits can't float!"
- Primula

The time came at last for dear Sam
To sail into the West was the plan.
Oh no! I can't go,
Said Sam full of woe,
'Till I eat all my fried eggs and ham.
- Daisy Gold

'And what about me,' Frodo added,
'Why, with everyone mournful and sadded,
'I need lots of starch,
Before we all parts,
And cannot set sail 'til well padded!'
- Primula

The ship it was grand and romantic
But Cirdan was in a great panic.
For someone had wrote
All over his boat.
"It's fun to sail on the Titanic".
- Daisy Gold

"The Titanic," 'tis said sunk from ice,
So it really was not all that nice
To claim it of swan-boats
Who heated their compotes
And kept hobbits warmed up so nice.
- Primula

This one is , "For Frodo" as Aragorn once said .

Frodo left at the end of September.
A sad day his friends would remember.
With a parrot and sword,
He had clambered on board,
And set sail with his elfriend Will Turner.
- Daisy Gold

One for my friend Gandalf

The days have gone down in the west,
And Gandalf has sailed with the rest.
Now I'm feeling glum,
For I'm missing my chum.
His fireworks were simply the best.
- Daisy Gold

Ah yes, his fireworks...

There once was a tale, it was knowed,
Of a ship filled with crackers all stowed,
But alas for the snackers,
For the wrong kind of 'crackers' -
And the whole thing did shortly explode!

When the second ship was finally built,
And that wizard came round despite guilt,
The Elves searched his pockets,
His bags and his lockets,
And still found them with fireworks fill-t.
- Primula

The white ships sail into the harbour,
All the sailors then rush to the barber.
But Cirdan is bearded
Or at least so I've hearded,
And he thinks they look better when they are hairy and have long beards and what not.
- vison