Limericks for Merry


There once was a Hobbit named Merry
Who lived in the Hall, near the Ferry
He danced with Pippin
At the Green Dragon Inn
On the table; yet never got weary



A curly haired Hobbit name Merry
His feet wer so big and hairy
From Farmer Maggot's crop
Some carrots he did drop
But plenty more he did carry
- Galadriel TX

Brandybuck,Gamgee and Took.
Small hobbits so vital to the book.
Frodo's best friends.
They would go to the earths end,
for to find mushrooms to cook.
- DesertElf

There once was a hobbit named Merry
When called upon he didn't tarry,
He pulled out a key
And said "Follow me!
Just ignore plants that try thrust-n-parry."
- Primula

We're coming, too! cried stout Merry,
(In spite of it being quite scary!);
Two Hobbits in line
Made the Fellowship nine --
With Boromir looking quite wary!
- Linaewen

There once was a stout hobbit captain
With waggons he ruffians trap't in
They grumbled and growled,
Threatened and howled
Until all their noggins he tapp'd in.
- Primula

Why must you always look Pippin?
I'm sorry Merry I don't do it again
Don't you get it Pippin they think you've got the ring
Will I ever see you again Merry?
Here, Pippin, "You smoke to much."
- vaires

There once was a small Rohan squire
They left behind to tend the fire
"He's tiny in size."
But to their great surprise
He saved them right down at the wire.
- Primula

There once was a Hobbit named Merry
Whose feet were quite large and quite hairy;
Many apples he ate
Never needing a plate
And he fought the Cave Troll, which was scary!
- Old Toby

If a limerick with Brandybuck
you are searching, I fear you're in luck.
To escape Willow's jam,
you'll need Frodo and Sam.
To save him and that fool of a Took!
- Doctor Gamgee

Three for Merry

There once was a hobbit named Merry,
who met up with his friends at the ferry.
Its good they had a light,
for it was the dark of night,
and from afar he seemed quite a bit scary.

Merry who came from Brandy Hall,
is said to have grown quite very tall.
He drank of ent draught,
and let out a laugh,
as he wondered why his friend seemed so small.

There once was a Rohirrim Squire,
who came from a queer land called Shire.
But don't you dare cross him,
or threaten to toss him,
for his deeds show he's one to admire!
- The Foe Hammer

Young Merry

Merry was a naughty young lad.
Stealing carrots he thought wasn't bad.
'till his mother found out,
and oooh! she did shout.
Now Merry is sorry and sad.
- Daisy Gold

Two more limericks for Merry

There once was a Hobbit named Merry
His feet were quite large and hairy
His heart was much bigger
His courage bigger still
His sword he did not want to tarry

Merry Brandybuck was not a hack
He stabbed the Witch King in the back
When faced with Sauron's Mouth
He turned himself to the South
and was the first Hobbit to attack
- Gondorian Girl

Admiration for Merry

Meriadoc Brandybuck from the Shire
Is a hobbit we all greatly admire
Though halfing by name
A great knight he became
And an honourable Rohan Esquire!

Merry’s valour

When brave Merry rode to Pelennor Field
He carried his sword and a shield
He fought with great pride
By Eowyn’s side
And in legend his valour was sealed

Cheeky Merry!

Young Meriadoc wore a cheeky smirk
When he stole a party firework
He lit it with glee
But then had to flee
From Gandalf who went quite berserk!
- FanofFaramir

Limerick for Merry

There was a young hobbit, you see
From Buckland- along with those three
They went all the way
And now to this day
Men have heard of them now up in Bree!
- Frodowannabe

With my friends time and youth were mispent
With a pint and a smoke I’m content
Then the war made me see
I had valour in me
In the halls of the great I’m a gent

There was a hobbit named Merry
Who took his friends on the ferry.
Not one of them
Knew how to swim
So they had to be very wary.

Merry was a curious boy
He never was very coy
He got a look
At Bilbo's book
A sight he did enjoy

He was fortunate, though
That Bilbo did not know
For if he had
He'd be quite mad
Angry, but rightly so.
- Holly Baggins