Limericks about LOTR 2

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There once was a Hobbit named Merry
Who lived in the Hall, near the Ferry
He danced with Pippin
At the Green Dragon Inn
On the table; yet never got weary


There and back again went our dear Bilbo
What he did on his journey we all know
Though great wisdom he earned
One thing he never learned
“Where in Heaven’s name did my spoons go?”


One night I walked into the Pony
I looked for SWG, where could she be?
I looked left and right
Yet, she wasn’t in sight
She was in the fridge, giggling with Gimli!


Lord Elrond lived in Rivendell fair
A king, and financially without care
Yet he wore his crown
With an eternal frown
“That daughter of mine is a nightmare!”


Legolas, hand and eye ever cunning
On the mountain of ice he’d be running
And yes, even though
He was buried in snow
He crawled out and was still looking stunning!


To Screen Time, Haldir could not say no
And he travelled to Helm’s Deep with his bow
When an Orc said: “oh my!
Seems like you’re gonna die!”
He said: “drat! Is my hair still okay though?”
- Avondster

Frodo with Sam ran away
Boromir'd get the ring if he stayed
Aragorn led the rest
with the Men from the West
But Frodo Shelob did waylay.

Lord of the Rings on my mind
I think of it all of the time
When folks ask me 'What's new?'
I say: "W.W.F.B.D?"
And once out of three times, it rhymes!

- Lothithil

Oh my precious Ring so bright
Holding you gives me a fright!
Yet I must
For none I trust
However will I escape this plight?
- Dinledhwen

There once was a mountain so grim
It sat in a haze, black and dim;
It awoke with a fright -
Was it day or at night?
As it eyeballed a Ring thrown in!
- Primula

To Soar with the eagles of Manwe
Would be such a joy for all day
Til hungry and tired
brought back to the eyrie
as food for his chicks you would stay!
- pi

There once was an Elf so fair
Whose fans all admired his hair
For those locks of blonde
Never needed a salon
But the secret for this he wouldn't share.
- Dinledhwen

the quest on the edge of a blade
"stray little and fail", said elf maid
they saw their way through
many troubles, it's true
though Boromir somewhat had strayed.
- pi

There was a rohirrim named Eomer,
Who was a bit of a horse-tamer,
He galloped at speed,
No dangers did heed,
Now his horse couldn't be any lamer...
- Viggolove

There was an old ent named Treebeard,
Who through time became terribly feared,
He roamed Fangorn at night,
Caught two hobbits in flight,
Thought them orc's at first sight
But he helped them though he thought they were weird...
- Viggolove

I once knew a hobbit named Sam
Who went and ate up all the jam
Then Merry would shout
And Pippin would pout
'Til Frodo brought out the meat - ham!
- pi

There once was a Stewardson bright
Who thought that the Ring was his right,
He argued and blabbed,
And jumped forth to nab
But his prize disappeared, what a sight!
- Primula

Now his brother's a gentler soul,
But in war,he put in heart and soul.
As Osgiliath burned, Faramir turned
and went back to reclaim his goal...

Now his goal could not be reclaimed,
As he returned much too badly maimed,
But when healing was done,
Fair Eowyn was won,
And in love the two finally framed...
- Viggolove

They destroyed the ring and dark lord,
then afterwards found themselves bored.
Then stumbled, they did,
upon an inn hid,
and now with glee post on the board!

The staff of Gandalf did shine,
when in the Moria mine.
It shone off the walls,
and lit up the halls,
and lit the way for the Nine.

"You shall not pass!" Gandalf cried,
with sword and staff at his side...
Gandalf engaged
the Balrog-enraged
and smote his ruinous hide.

From the light of the Trees Feanor made
jewels of beauty whose light cannot fade.
Then try, Morgoth did
to have the jewels hid...
Now Earendil's star shines on the glade.

In the sky Vingilot sails at night
where Earendil's light shines so bright...
It sails there so high,
across the night sky,
inspiring all with its majestic sight...

Mithrandir came to rekindle hope;
stoked fires in men's hearts so they'd cope
from the doom, gloom, and fear
Sauron made all to hear,
as they came to the end of their rope...

Cirdan the shipwright so wise,
could see well the Istaris' eyes;
to Grey One of old
was Narya bestowed,
for hope would be needed from lies.

Naive little Hobbits were they,
when dark riders came out their way,
to kill and enslave,
Dark stormed like a wave,
'til Frodo and Sam saved the day.

At the party some Hobbits did sing,
while others danced the Springle-ring fling.
They danced all the night,
to the music so bright,
and were carefree as larks on the wing.

Labored heavy the Dwarves at the mine,
stopping only for good wine and dine.
When done with the cave,
the guests they did rave,
for Rohan's Glit'ring Cave did so shine.

Ancient Onodrim race it is told
even older than Elves beyond wold
lost their Entwives so dear,
not knowing to where,
now shepherd the forests of old.

Dragon Smaug breathed out fire so hot
against men, dwarves, and Hobbit he fought,
brought towns to their ruin,
with flames hot as Orodruin,
until Bard gave 'ol Smaug his just lot.

Some birthday limericks for September 22nd

Today is the day we remember
A wonderful day in September.
And why is today
So special, you say?
It's their birthday we gladly remember!

A birthday? Oh, whose? you might think;
And all Ringers will say with a wink,
Why, Bilbo and Frodo!
Surely you know, though,
You're pulling our leg now, we think.

For everyone knows in September
There's only one day to remember!
And that is today!
So blessings we pray
On the day we all love to remember.

Happy birthday (((Bilbo))) and (((Frodo)))
- Linaewen