Limericks for Legolas

There once was this Mirkwood guy
He shot arrows at Uruk-hai
Even while they were fightin'
You know he was sightin'
To make sure that all orcs would die!

Have you heard of those elvish chappies,
The ones who so lack in the happies?
Well, the one we adore
Would now like to explore
Cheerless forests in way-off-the-mappies.
- Flip the Supercat
legolas the prince of mirkwood
dont compare him to robin hood
both dressed in green tights
both were good in a fight
but leggy would kick robin good!

Legolas is a hard name to rhyme
And I fear i am running out of time
so let me just say
in the thick of the fray
his knife skills are what did shine

and now to my bed i head off
leaving you all to lightly scoff
at my lighthearted attempt
to rhyme for this gent
and my vain attempt to show off
(not really, but i needed a rhyme!)
- boriel

There once was an elf from Mirkwood,
Who slew all the Orcs that he could;
Not a hair out of place,
His style and grace,
Stopped them dead in their tracks where they stood!
-Old Toby

Hickory dickory delf
Please meet Leggy the Elf
While he'll pretend
That dwarf's not his friend
He always puts him before himself.
- Aunt Kimby

There once was an elf named Legolas
Who carried himself with some class
Tall and proud he stood
The Prince of Mirkwood
And with a bow he was incredibly fast.