Limericks for Haldir
From Haldir to Theoden

An elf lord, in red, named Haldir
Said to Theoden, King, "We are here,
To fight as of old
In alliances old
With our strength, You have nothing to fear."

From Aragorn to Haldir

You are most welcome Haldir my good friend
strained relationships once again mend
Man by elf we will stand
'Til we gain upper hand
Or in darkness our world it will end.
- Lindorie

There once was an elf named Haldir,
Who liked to drink wine more than beer.
But he never got drunk,
nor smelled like a skunk,
so the ladies would not fret to come near.

There once was an elf named Haldir,
Whose face rarely was filled with cheer.
But he gave up a smile,
once in a while,
when Gimli the Dwarf was not near.
- The Foe Hammer

There once was an Elf up a tree
Who shot just as quick as could be!
It was thus he was set
To shoot from a flet,
For to skewer the orcs as they flee.
- Primula

There once was an Elf named Haldir
Whose opinions were perfectly clear
His nose gave a sniff
When he first caught a whiff
Of that dwarf he was hoping to smear.

There once was an elf don’t you see
Who had trouble climbing a tree
‘cause the drink that had been brewed
left him way more than stewed
for where there was one he saw three!

There once was a blonde haired elf,
who thought quite highly of himself.
When the ladies came to call,
he'd leave them in the hall,
that held all his portraits on a shelf.
- The Foe Hammer

There once was a pompous elf,
who thought very highly of himself.
he thought I'd back down,
when in his home town,
but dwarvish pride rarely sits on a shelf.
- The Foe Hammer

Haldir's answer to Gimli's limerick by FH

Well,dwarves were so bad in the Sil
Blackhearted and treacherous swill
While we elves nicely dressed
And with honour were blessed
So wear this fine scarf and be still.
- Nicotiana Toby