Gwaihir Limericks

There once was an eagle so proud,
He never was frightened or cowed,
Fattest Orcs he would grab
When they were to be had;
‘Cause they fall fast and screech nice and loud.
- Primula

Gwaihir is a Windlord so true,
Over mountain and River he flew,
At Mithrandirs request,
He swooped in from the west,
Saving Frodo from one big barbecue.
- Baron Wilderness

There once was an eagle named Gwaihir
Who always was flying up high there;
With his sharp eagle eye
Gandalf three times did spy
And he rescued him, too, Eagle Gwaihir!

Note: I couldn't decide how many times exactly Gwaihir actually "spied
and rescued" Gandalf, so if you disagree with the three, I will not be offended, LOL!

- Linaewen

Gwaihir, swifter than wind
Mount Doom, Gandalf did send
Although his finger is gone
Can't leave him far from home
Landroval can carry his friend
- Shelob

Tall black tower, high and round
Far, far above the ground
Trapped, alone is Mithrandir
Sends for the help of Gwaihir
Ents begin the walls to pound
- Shelob

and, lest we forget that eagles are predatory birds

Eagle soaring in the sky
Sees a rabbit with his eye
Swooping down, claws scratching
From the ground, bunny snatching
Carries nice lunch to ledge high
- Shelob

I never pay much heed to cranks,
I've been tricked in the past by their pranks,
I flew in to keep track,
But he jumped on my back!
It's just lucky for him he said thanks.
- Baron Wilderness

There once was a eagle we're told
who lived on a mountain cold
Carried to the Carrock
A Wizard in a smock
thirteen dwarves and hobbit bold
- Dandy

On the day set aside for our Gwaihir,
It's becoming abundantly clear;
That while storys and rhymes
are a sign of the times,
It's the Limericks for which we cheer.
- DoctorGamgee

We all write of Gwaihir, the eagle
Who is called the "Wind Lord, o most regal"
But I question: If he
carried Gandalf (times three),
Is his role as a taxi quite legal?
- DoctorGamgee

There once was a kingly old bird
Who sat on his nest ‘til he heard
From a moth that his friend
Had been sneakily penned.
“I love to trick wizards,” he purred.
- Primula

When Gandalf was caught on the shelf,
He could get no help from an elf
So he jumped on the back
Of a kingly old hack
And rode off in spite of himself!
-Lady of the Shire

Gwaihir the Windlord
Beak sharp as a sword
Saving Frodo
Sauron "Oh no"
Missed my chance at Bruinen Ford!
- Shelob

There once was bird of great size,
With one beak and two far-seeing eyes,
Two feet, and two wings,
Plus those various things
All over him what helps him flies.
- Primula

There once were some loud eagle cries
Saving dwarves from becoming orc-fries
They lifted the group
Up out of the soup
It was helpful, we cannot denies.
- Primula

my name is gandalf the grey
and gwaihir took me away
he is a very nice bird
but my screams are often heard
when he flips over to scare me somedays
- Tori*Took