Limericks about Gollum & Fishes

A gangrel lived once by the river
Sashimi ate sliver by sliver
Then found a gold ring
Couldn't stomach the thing
The rest of the tale makes you shiver.

plus a little haiku:

How fast must we be
Praying for more daily fish
Shaken not fried
- pilbara orc

When Gollum would catch him a fish,
He would always dispense with a dish
He'd just swallow it quick
Gulp it down in a tick
And then he for more fishies would wish!
- Lilywillow

There once was a fish swimming free
Whose small happy bubbles said "whee!"
But it's cheerfulness ended,
When by Gollum it's rended,
Now its bubbles no more will we see.
- Primula

There once was a dashing young fish,
Impressing the fish-ladies his wish,
But as he leaped a great leap -
Was caught midair by a Creep,
Now impressive, his fine sushi dish.
- Primula

Oh once there was a slimy fish,
It ended up on Gollum's dish,
it squirmed and whined
as Gollum dined,
-whined, dined, fishy dish
- a pox on Lily, I do wish!
- Lady of the Shire

There once was a creature called Slinker
When swimming, he wasn't a sinker,
He grabbed fish for his tummy,
And thought them quite yummy,
Though his fish-breath made him a Stinker.
- Primula and Bluebell

There once was a cave-dwelling thing,
In the daylight he never would sing
His hopes and his wishes
Were for nice, tasty fishes
But his mind was consumed by a Ring.
- Mirthwood

Oh Wretched Gollum had a ring
So shiny that it made him sing,
A Birthday Present, so he said,
But the giver was found dead,
And then the Bagginses took the thing!
- Lady of the Shire

Bilbo and Gollum Limerick
When Bilbo poor Gollum did see,
Lets riddle, he hissed, play with me
If you lose I will throttle
If you win I will caughtle
You before you can say one two three.
- Lilywillow

There once was a hobbit of Shire,
Of adventures he never did tire,
He won a gold ring
From a slimy old thing
But then it passed on to the Fire.
- Primula

There once was a hobbit-like creature
His dreams fish and fish bones would feature.
Other flesh he would eat
And he thought it a treat;
Don't let him catch you, he's a pincher!
- Linaewen

"Preciousss!" creature Gollum doth wail
When our Frodo and Sam he doth tail
He sneaks through the night
Take care! He might bite!
With his arms and his legs all aflail
- Tuilelindowen

Gollum Limerick

He no longer loved and regressed
In his cave he began to obsess
Over so small a thing
To which he would cling
It's mine, my own, my precious.
- NcTrHeel13

There once was a very thin slinker,
In spite of his swims still a stinker -
Fishing turned on its head,
Catching angler instead
When he caught that Ring hook, line and sinker.
There once was a treacherous guide
Who led into a tunnel to hide.
Seeing how that one went,
With duplicitous bent,
They were not too surprised when he fried.
- Primula

Repetition was Gollum's first pick,
His inanities, how they did stick!
In their fingers they dug,
Wishing for some earplugs,
As of babblings they both were soon sick.

Precious this, precious that was his rote,
On and on like a stubborn old goat,
Til at last there's no doubt
That his jaws plumb wore out
When the lava shrunk them to a mote.
- Primula