Limericks for Gimli

or, Gimlericks

there once was a short hairy guy
who a certain ranger tried to make fly
he picked him up and tossed
and the dwarf made it across
but the elf must not know, keep it sly.

the dwarf and the elf both kept tally
of the orcs that they whacked silly
the elf won by a hair
but the dwarf gave a better scare
and thus was born this gimli-day rally

- boriel

To Gimli:
Gimli the Dwarf carried an axe
He gave the Cave Troll a few good whacks
His cousin Balin had died
On his kness he had cried
With his bravery he fought to the max
- Galadriel TX

Gimli the Dwarf Gloin's son
Galadriel his heart she had won
When offered a gift
His thoughts he did sift
One golden hair he would not shun

- Lothithil

The Dwarves are a curious race,
Short and stout, always bearded of face,
They love gems, gold and stone,
And if with them alone,
Never mention 'shortcomings' or grace.
- Baron Wilderness

There once was a dwarf named Gimli,
Who tried to climb down 'ole Smaug's chimley.
He was after some gold,
But the hearth wasn't cold.
Lord,you've never seen a dwarf move so nimbly.

- DesertElf

Durin's Bane

Deep they delved the halls of stone,
Now, for greed, they must atone.
A demon awakening from his grave,
No power there was, the dwarves to save.
In Moria's evil darkness, they died alone.
- Shelob

There once was Dwarf fully geared
Who went fearlessly where others feared
He offered his stealth
And his tales of wealth
But most selfishly cried "Not the beard!"

This Dwarf who was quick with his whacks
Didn't pause when a-swinging his axe
All the heads of the orcs
Went a-popping like corks
As he kept a good tally, ex-zacts.

With red meat a-stuck in his teethy,
A Dwarf took a bite thick and beefy,
So glad to at last
Be beyond and out past
All that Elven glop, greenish and leafy.

While boasting of ears like a fox,
And eyes just as sharp as a hawk's,
Too loud did he seethe,\
puff, bellow and breathe,
And ended in Lorien's stocks!

Three hunters traversed grass and stone,
And by smoke to an orc-pile did hone;
Two sniffed with disgust,
But the other, nonplussed,
Topped with steak sauce, had orc off the bone.
- Primula

There once was a dwarf name of Gimli
Who thought all elves came down the chimney
Till he met Greenleaf
(Assassin in chief)
Whose arrow his beard gave a trim-lee!

There once was a dwarf from Nantucket
Who had a great ax and could chuck it
He said with a smile
As he tossed it a mile
When we get there you'll find Orcs in a bucket!
- Jennan O Possums

There once was a dwarf, oh so fine!
In anger he stepped out of line;
He distrusted the Elf,
But then found himself
Pledging axe blade as one of the Nine.

He had often passed through the Shire
When traveling along with his sire.
Yet he knew very little
Of small hobbits' mettle;
He learned much on his way to the Fire!

He likes his red meat on the bone,
Tastes best from an animal full-grown;
Though lembas is fine,
For meat he does pine;
For protein his stomach does groan!

- Linaewen