Limericks for Gandalf

There once was a wizard so fine,
He was always precisely on time;
He never was late,
Or so he would state,
He just sometimes fell slightly behind.

Our wizard with only one blow
Could burn anything but the snow,
For though cold we grew,
Shiv'ring lips turning blue;
"Must have something to work with you know!"

Our dear Gandalf could do many things,
Be a warrior, or a counselor of kings.
But his happiest deed,
With a bowl of pipe-weed,
Was to blow many-colored smoke rings.

A wizard who tended to wander
Found many a reason to ponder
That in spite of their patter
And questioning chatter,
Of hobbits he only grew fonder.

An actor who played a grey mage,
Though he normally acted on stage,
Found the film a delight -
Made him work day and night
Poring over Tolkien's written page!

- Primula

Bilbo long remembered the day
That he first met Gandalf the Gray
Known for his fireworks
And endearing quirks
A friend to the end come what may

- Eressea

A wizard named Gandalf the Grey
was travling down Hobbiton way
He said "What I need...
is some Southfarthing weed
For my pipe made of wood, not of clay."

Gandalf the Grey, or the White
Challenged a Balrog to fight.
They sparred and they fought
'Til the Balrog was taught
Not to mess with the great Wizard's might.

Gandalf to Edoras made way
To Theoden, King he did say,
"Get out of that Chair
And stand up, if you dare--
And be rid of old Wormtongue today!"

- Lindorie

One day Gandalf was out a-walking,
Met a dwarf and they started a-talking.
They spoke of a dragon;
Gandalf thought of young Baggins,
And off they went dragon-a-stalking.

There once was a grey-cloaked, scarfed wizard
Who got himself caught in a blizzard.
He wouldn't turn back,
Things began to look black,
When Caradhras' dark voices he heard.

That wizard, he made Frodo choose
And Frodo, he could not refuse.
He hated the snow,
So to Moria they'd go
And their wizard guide there they would lose.

Old Gandalf he put up a fight
His staff in defense shown forth light,
But his own light was dim
As he went over the rim
And the tears on friends' faces were bright.

The Balrog he fought high and low,
To the dark places down they did go.
Then back up on high,
Fire lightening the sky
And the Balrog received fatal blow.

Then Gandalf lay down and did die,
His spirit on west wind did fly.
Sent back for awhile;
What comfort his smile
When again his friends'tears he would dry!

That grey-cloaked, scarfed wizard, we love him!
We all would so willingly serve him.
His power is veiled
But his kindness is shared;
He's White now, and no one's above him.

- Linaewen

Gandalf was a wonderful wizard,
With unusual brows on his visard
Which did capture the snow
On Caradhras and so
He kept them all safe in the blizzard!

The Balrog unleashing his whip
Poor Gandalf he causes to slip
As the fellowship looked
At the fall that he took
"Fly you fools," he called, "Have a nice trip!"

When Gandalf and Saruman fought
Gandalf twirled more like a girl than he ought
Saru' flung him up high
On the tower to lie
G regrets the cheap staff he had bought.

The Wizard named Gandalf went questing
So the ring his pow'r-hunger was testing
He resisted the yearning
The desire which was burning,
Now Gandalf on his laurels is resting!

Oh Gandalf, we see your blue wiz hat
And the bottom of Bill, monstrous fat,
So we know you are there
As we fly through the air
To white Saruman we'll report that!

- lilywillow

Then Saruman tried to get tough
Till Gandalf the White said, "Enough!"
With some help from an Ent
Great Orthanc was bent
And Gandalf called Saruman's bluff.

- Rasputintx

Gandalf the Grey came over the sea
Sparking hearts towards good, don’t you see?
He fought the flame of Udun,
Killing him none too soon.
That’s how Gandalf the White came to be.
- pi

Gandalf knew the ring caused much cravin'
One of nine he went Middle Earth savin'
When the ring war was won
The dark lord's powers were done
With his steed G' left for the Grey Havens

Over fire and light Gandalf rules
Glamdring and his staff are his tools
With the Balrog he fell
Into Moria's deep well...
His last parting cry? Fly you fools!

Sir Ian's perfect Gandalf's no surprise
Needs not words, he speaks with his eyes
Decked out in his tux
We all wished him luck
Drat! Maybe next year he'll hold the gold prize!

- Joyful

There once was a Wizard named Gand
Who thought that smoke with hobbit was grand
he lit a long pipe
and welcomed the respite
as they went for a walk in the sand.

- Dandy

Gandalf, he was an Istari,
On Saturdays he wore a sari.
When Saruman saw
What his foe wore,
He said "Gandalf, you've gone too fari!"

- Elethril

Some call him Gandalf the Grey
But I know some hobbits who say:
"He brings nothing but trouble
and seems quite unstable
I wish he would just go away!

First he was Grey now he's white
He got that way after his fight
we thought he was dead
but on Eagles wings sped
and now everything is all right

- Hobbitlove

sir ian wanted the part
of gandalf to show off his art
of acting and bringing to life
one who goes through much strife
and wanted to ride pony and cart

our grey pilgrim helped in the battle
in which the fight was good vs evil
he was delayed
but came back one day
white, to get them out of trouble

- Tori*Took