Limericks about and for Frodo

To the Havens at last he must go
To heal his heart and soul
Sam waves goodbye
with a tear in his eye
as the winds steer north and blow
- kaybaggins

Young Frodo, a lad from the Shire,
was caught, like a fish on a wire.
But he fled from Shelob,
And with Sam, Did the job!
Which gave Gollum and Sauron great Ire.
- DoctorGamgee

There was a ring-bearer named Frodo
And into the wilds he did go
Good Sam by his side
With Bibo's ring he could hide
But not from Sauron his true foe
- Galadriel TX

There was a young Hobbit called Frodo
who was son of halfling called Drogo,
he had so much grief over a ring,
and now this is the thing,
he turned punk and now he does the pogo.
- Fili

There once was a halfling named Frodo,
From the mill he was only a stones throw,
He aquired the one ring,
A terrible thing,
And nearly ended up dead as a dodo.
- Baron Wilderness

There once was a Hobbit so brave.
Who lived in a hole (not a cave!)
He had hair on his feet.
But that FACE - what a treat!
And by him the whole world was saved!
- Pointy Eared Took

A dude with blue eyes so fair,
And the cutest hobbitish hair,
Ran away with some things,
Our hearts and a ring,
And left us quite gasping for air!
- Cheshire Cat

There once was a young Baggins heir
Like his uncle, he hatched our some dares
With adventures racking
He also was cracking
And the two of them made quite a pair.

There once was a youngster of fifty
Who thought grand adventures were nifty
But after just ages
Of crawling through pages
He wished Tolkien's words were more thrifty.

A hobbit whose task was a ringer
Was sent out as jewelry flinger
But he did it too slow
And forgot to let go
So he flung both the ring and his finger.

When a hobbit with bright rosy cheek
With Butterbur shelter did seek
He found to his dread
Mat and bolster in bed
Would be whacked into shreds, goodness, eek!

A Baggins once woke in the night
To the grasping of dark barrow-wight.
But taking a stand,
He hewed off its hand
And soon set that wight into flight!
- Primula