Limericks about Faramir


For years I thought it was a curse,
That I had not been born first.
Than ol' bro' joined up with a quest,
And what do ya' think? He failed the test!
But, I got the prettiest girl in the universe!
- Shelob

I met a few guys by the road
Who seemed to be bearing a load.
I offered them rest,
encountered a test,
And the blessings of men I bestowed.
- KingundertheMountain

It is hard to think of one brother
Without thinking then of the other.
And it's safe to say
They'd prefer it that way;
To be side by side now they 'druther.

This day is for dear Faramir,
But to spend it without Boromir
Seems tricky at best;
Though he's gone to his rest,
He is ever so present, I fear!

- Linaewen