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Just try to imagine Gandalf reciting this to Legolas and others in the Golden Hall ... perhaps right after he (Legolas) won the Drinking Game


There once was a Wizard who wouldn't
Write limericks ... he said that he couldn't
Grumbled he through his beard
While Elf-Eyes nearly teared
"Now you all know that -- really -- I shouldn't!"
- gentle-giant

"I concur," growled the dwarf through his beard,
"No more limericks, just ale!" he bleared,
"For if wizards could rhyme,
They would spend all their time
Rhyming Elvish with Dwavish it's feared!"
- Primula

"And could you, Master Dwarf, fare much better?
I challenge you ... down to the letter!
If you win, I'll agree
You are better than me ...
Or, is that 'than I'? Does it matter???"
- gentle-giant

Said Legolas, "There are few
Challenges that I would not do;
To rhyme a sweet Elvish word
With some Dwarvish-- absurd!
The only Khud-zul I know is 'â mênu'!"
- Lothithil

There once was a hobbit named Prim
Who filled her web site to the brim
With Lord of the Rings
and all sorts of things
Even including Haradrim!
- pi

Upon the occasion of Rosie & Icarus' son Peter's birth, 4/06

There once was a RINGLET named peter
and on a high branch he did teeter!
but he was caught at the summit
and saved from a plummit
cuz rosie and icarus were fleeter!
 - Tookfullofit

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