Limericks About the Fans
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Hey ho to Middle Earth I go
To heal my heart and drown my woe!
Fans may chat, and fans may grow
A great place to be... when you're feeling low!

Sweet is the sound of my DVD
The only movie I dare to see
Better than work or singing chords
Is posting on the Message Boards!
- kiwifrodo

Limerick Self-Portrait

There once was fan who wrote oodles
Of inklings, limericks and doodles.
She never gets tired
And hopes you're inspired
To make real good use of your noodles.

Lin's noodle is always on duty
It's filled to the brim with the beauty
Of Tolkien's art!
She wants to impart
All she knows on that subject; her duty!
- Linaewen

Revised Version for Everyone after a Summer Vacation:

There once was bunch who wrote oodles
Of inklings, limericks and doodles.
They never got tired --
Remained ever inspired --
And made real good use of their noodles.

Lin's noodle, though recently off duty,
Is filled to the brim with the beauty
Of Tolkien's art,
As her "family" imparts
All they know on that subject; our duty!

My Poem About Everything

And here is to dactyls and dinners and orcs
And mushrooms and halflings and maybe some forks
Our interests are many and varied, it's true
But hang 'round this board and you'll never be blue
Poems and inklings and prose and haiku
And if you're real good perhaps a limerick or two
We laugh and we cry, and we learn something new
And with that last sentence, I bid you adieu!


For don't just drop a challenge and leave

Auntkimby's chin drags the ground
As she mourns over the poem called 'found'
But with help from Kay and Dandy
She just might get it handy
And I'll take you to the Pony for a round!

- Auntkimby

Limerick for peace and a little humor

It seems we engendered some forays
On the question of moving the stor-ays
Away from this board,
But 'no's the last word
And I've taken the Elf name Artuntaure!

- Auntkimby


To all writers and readers of the 'posted' word,
It's time to forget and forgive this discord.
No matter, a story, song or verse,
Yea? Nea? Was the chicken or the egg first?
Most important, is our love of, this message board!

Raises her 8 legs in a fine toast to everyone!

- Shelob

For Linaewen.

A lady, our sweet Linaewen
Drove long ere she could check back in again.
And much she did pray
She'd not miss Gandalf's day
Or the chance to share poems, tales, and quips again!

- Lindorie

One for Lind

There once was a warrior named Lindorie
who told a tale of wonder and glory
full of men and a fight
gave us all a good fright
when Lind turned into a girl in the story...

- Dandy

For Dandy

There once was a hobbit called Dandy
Had a fondness for some hard sugar candy.
She went to the store
to get half a pound more
And came home with a limerick quite handy!

- Lindorie

For Primula

A feisty young Ringer named Prim,
With her goodies her house she did trim.
She has lots of toys-
All the Fellowship "boys"
and her wallet once quite fat now grows thin!

- Lindorie

Often I find time has raced away,
taking with it what’s left of my day.
This seems my best way to sincerely say,
to all of you here ‘Thank you’ my way.

Thanks to all of you for making this board one of the most friendliest places I know. The creativity in here is astounding, from Varda's Archer Mice to Prim's Poetry challenges, from Inklings so dark I shudder to Limericks that make me sputter. Every time I can visit I read everything possible, yet lately I'm so far behind I can't post a reply in time. So once again for all of you here, Thank you for keeping the spirit of ME alive.

Time flows,
so fast.

Wind blows,
board past.

Posts glow,
thoughts cast.

Words slow,
none last.


Our mentor and protector, Rosie
Makes us all feel so comfy and cosy
She watches the boards
Keeps us safe from the hoards
So lets all send Rosie a posy!

- lilywillow

We can always trust our dear Rosie
To keep our minds on 'Ring' poems or prosey
We have such a hoot
And smile at her boot
If off-topic we sometimes do mosey!

- Tuilelindowen

The garden by Old Gaffer's hole,
Is a lovely place for a stroll.
But having no foot,
The mailbox stays put,
As still as an old sunlit troll.

- The Old Gaffer's Mailbox

The Gaffer salutes his mailbox
Determined and tougher than rocks
He waits night and day
Til post comes his way
And he pays no heed to the clocks.

- Old Gaffer

There once was a Lirien fan,
Who wanted to write (yes, she can!)
But the others were silly,
Limericking willy-nilly,
So her Muse, it got up and ran!
- Primula

There once was a group called the Pony
Whose antics never got phony
They donned Muus and kilts
And much goo was spilt
But life on the boards was not lonely.
- Old Gaffer

There once was a famous Old Gaffer
A marvelously talented quaffer,
His rake he did twirl,
To impress all the girls,
As he gulped down a one-and-a-halfer!
- Primula

There once was a hobbit named Prim
Whose poetry light would not dim.
She had such fine wit,
and left us all in a fit,
that the hedges seldom were trim.
- Dandy

The once was a songster named Dandy
Whose lyrics never were randy.
She makes us all laugh,
Keeps her Eyes in a pack,
And quaffs german beer like it's candy.
- Rhiannon

There once was a guy called O.G
Who played at the pony for no fee.
He would take to the floor,
To the sounds of encore,
For his limericks where the best of all Bree!
- Garoc

There once was a feller named Garoc
Whose conscience was firm as a rock.
He played bagpipes on stilts,
and wore wonderful kilts,
But couldn't read the time on the clock.
- Dandy

There once was a patron called Dandy
Who prefered goo to the ocassional brandy,
But would take it to far,
And jump on the bar,
And kick whoever was handy!
- Garoc

There once was a satchel-maker named Rhi
Who made hobbit stachels for three.
They formed a small pack,
Took Frodo home in a sack,
And now they run rampant in Bree.
- Dandy

There once was a poster named Ghostwood
Who looks like he came from the hood
He got lost in Mexico
With his muu'muu in toe
And now he is back here for good.
- Dandy

There once was a Newbie named Kyle
Who showed in the Pony in Style
He started to post,
Another party to host,
He didn't know he'd leave with a smile.
- Dandy

So here from Decipher is Kyle,
Whose work is to make us all smile,
Supplies us fans here
With our celebs dear,
Let's give him a muumuu from the pile!
- Rhiannon

There once was a mod called Rosie,
With us she would totally agree.
That she's mad about Sam,
That's the hobbit, not man,
And she'd polish his pans for free!
- Garoc

There once was a hobbit called Dandy,
Whose Friday was spent verra un-handy,
She spent her time posting ,
And her mind soon was roasting,
Of visions and thoughts of Eye Candy.
- Dandy

There once was a mod named Rosie,
Who on the boards, She made herself cozy,
Though sometimes she's mean,
It came with the green,
But at heart shes a fan of the Pony!
- Rosie

We so love our mod we call Rosie,
Who treats us like we're all posies
Cares for our feelings
Fills us with laughter
And keeps our fair pony so cozy
- Rhiannon

There once was a friend named Rosie,
Who loved to see little Sams Tosie..
She came with a muu
And glass of the goo
And treated us all to a frozie..
- Dandy

There once was a patron who had to go
her parents were coming in town you know
she want to stay
but was called away
- Dandy

There once was a fellow named Jus.
Who in Rivendell puts up with the fuss
Though he's almost the boss
on a kilt we will toss,
The Austrailian for whom all the girls swoon :)
- Rosie

There once was a lurker named Juz
Who heard a whole lot of buzz
So, dodging The One bucket
And limericks from Nantucket
He passed without making a fuss.
- lonevoice

Why We Love Juz

There was a Director named Justin,
Who looked after fans that were fussin'.
Some grumbled and spit,
But all loved him to bits,
'Cause he kept the updates a comin'!

- Galadriel-ca

There once was a fellowship true
Who many adventures went through
And with writing sincere,
Even when its unclear,
On these boards we give them their due!
- Primula

There is a poet named Prim
who could write great lines on whim
She gave it her all
to Howard Shore
and now its Prim we adore
- MithrandirCQ

There was a young fellow (?) called Elfstone,
Whose limerick tickled my funny bone.
I responded in kind,
Thought, He wouldn't mind,
He'll laugh, he certainly won't moan.
- Vison

There once was a poster named Vison
Not Vision, though she has her eyes on,
Deep comments she brews,
And writes nice poems too,
And her stories reach to the horizon!
- Primula

Herein lies a poet named Prim,
known to Vison, who's careworn and grim,
I refuse to go quiet,
I'd rather the riot,
the light in my eyes and my pen!
- Elfstone

She's just Rosie to all of the fans
who are posting from far away lands.
After hours being "mom"
(which she does with aplomb)
She retires and dreams about... pans.
- Primula

His mind is amazingly keen
The likes of which, I've never seen.
So Redbeard, you rule!
That wit makes me DROOOOOOOL! (hehehe)
I'm turning a bright shade of green!
- Pointy-Eared Took

There once was a great message board
That all LOTR fans adored
But Redbeard and P.E.T:
Don't spoil it for me
Or I'll nail your heads to a board!!!!
- Lightpoet

Ode to the Ringers
There once on the web was stored
A club for the rings and their lord
They talked all the time
In prose and in rhyme
The great Fellowship of the Board!
- Ardulin

A Sentiment on Keeping Up With the Boards
So I've spent my whole day on the internet
(Too bad for phone calls I was gonna get!)
But my eyelids are drooping
My tired brain's looping
'Round how I'll catch up on tomorrow's set!
- Ardulin

There once was a girl in LA
Not Cali but down South, OK
She became green with envy of the poets of posts
yes, those with the talents of mosts
though what i lack in rhymes
I make up for in times
i rewrote if ten times at most
- Cheshire Cat

There once was a fan known as Red
Who had all the answers in his head
But He teased Toelf and Pet,
& Hasn't heard the end of it yet
perhaps he should log off for bed!!
- Rosie