Limericks for Eowyn

There once was a lady from Rohan,
Whose beauty was doubted by no man.
The babe with the sword,
Is now stuck in my gourd.
And now I am Eowyn's big fan.

- OldGaffer

The White Lady

Eowyn the lady in white,
was one day out flying her kite.
But the wind it was strong.
And the kite was soon gone.
So, now she learns how to sword fight.

Shield-maiden Eowyn

A daring young maiden from Rohan,
Into battle was secretly going.
With her sword and her shield,
Clad in armour of steel,
None knew it was Shield-maiden,Eowyn.
- Daisy Gold

Éowyn Limerick

There was a shield maid named Éowyn,
Who thought any battle she could win.
Though steel sharp and strong
She was ne’er proved wrong
‘Til Faramir took his battle axe home with him!
- JennanOPossums

There once was a Rohirrim lass,
whose suitors all seemed a bit crass,
but then a visitor came,
and ignited her flame,
and softened her heart made of glass.
- The Foe Hammer

A Bad Hair Day

Eowyn one Saturday night
Cried, "My hair is a terrible sight".
So a hobbit she took
And went down to the brook.
Now her locks are all curly and bright.

Awry Plan

Lonely she sat on the wall.
When oops! She had a slight fall.
She looked left and right,
Saw no one in sight.
"Where are the King's Men? " she did bawl.

Grima and Eowyn

Grima steals through the Golden Hall.
His shadow creeps over her wall.
Whispering into the dark,
"Let me into your heart".
So softly she hears the snake call.

As he stroked her fair cheek Grima said,
"Sad and cold are the dreams in your bed."
At first she did stare,
And then she did glare.
Whilst a rosy glow rushed to her head.

A Woman's Place

Eowyn the maiden from the Rohan,
With the riders she wished to go roamin'.
"Stay at home " said the boys
"And play with your toys.
And Eowyn, STOP all of that moanin'."

Strangers Approach

As the night slowly fades to rose grey.
Out steps Eowyn to greet the new day.
Across plains far below,
In the dawn's early glow.
She sees riders coming her way.

The Stew

Undaunted she got out her pot.
Though of cooking she knew not a jot!
It made brave men quake
When Eowyn would bake.
Then poor Aragorn got the whole lot.

Your End is in Sight.

"A man! Thou fool. " laughed he.
Cried Eowyn, " You talking to me?"
Her sword it was swift.
Now the Witch King 's a stiff.
"Right! I'm off to marry," said she.
- Daisy Gold

A tiny confrontation between Éowyn and Théoden.

She longs to be in the big fight
To show her keen mettle and might
This dangerous move
The King won’t approve
So bids her a pleasant good night
- Bregalad

Eowyn's Battle Prayer

A lady of Rohan am I
With a cry on my lips I will try
To kill Orc and Troll
An honourable goal
May my people have peace ere I die

Eowyn’s confrontation with the Witch King

Come not between the Nazgul and his prey
For in thy turn with mace thee will I slay
No living man am I
Prepare foul King to die
With Hobbit’s help, a sword stroke saves the day

- Bregalad