Limericks about Elrond

Lord Elrond lived in Rivendell fair
A king, and financially without care
Yet he wore his crown
With an eternal frown
“That daughter of mine is a nightmare!”
- Avondster

An Elf is a being aloof,
Loving cloud, star or bough as a roof,
They live many years,
And have strange pointy ears,
They're a genuine wonder, in truth.
- Baron Wilderness

There once was an elf named Elrond,
Of whom most in the West were quite fond,
He proved what he was worth,
While he served Middle-Earth,
And then sailed to the lands far beyond.

Elrond the Brave Elvish Lord,
Fought in many of Middle-Earth’s wars,
But late in his life,
His role in the strife,
Was to council the brave on their course.
-The Foe Hammer


Once there was an elf called Lord Elrond.
Of his lovely daughter, he was very fond.
But she loved a mortal ranger,
Whom was riding into danger.
Tho', after the battle, he would wear a king's crown.
- Shelob

There once was an old Elven Lord
Who yawned away years, very bored
Until one cold day
When some wraiths washed away,
And a hobbit on his shore was moored.

An Elven Lord gracefully aging
Challenged a wizard at maging
But lost his own bet
On the banks of the set,
For with horses his water was raging!
- Primula

That Elven Lord knew the right spell
That caused mountain waters to swell;
The water did rage
For a hobbit to save;
And Riders attack he did quell.

Poor Elrond, he felt so ignored,
For Boromir was looking quite bored!
Elrond's speeches were great
But they just didn't rate;
Poor Elf! He just hates being ignored!

Our Elvish Lord had him a ring,
'Twas indeed a beautiful thing.
And with this ring's power
He built him a bower
Of peace, that could make sad heart sing.

- Linaewen

Elrond of the Half-Elven type
Endured long a council of tripe,
But after the talk,
All the fight and the squawk,
He gave the solution sans hype.

When sheltering guests on a Quest,
Elrond offered clothes freshly pressed,
Frodo dressed in green,
Right-fitting and clean,
But was he never offered a dress.

There once was an Elven old rotter
Who sheltered his socialite daughter
But in vain were his plans
When a wandering Man
Called out her name and thus caught her.

Filled up with wisdom and might,
Elrond was an imposing sight
With a quirk of a brow
Or a nod or a scowl,
He said much with his lips sealed tight.