Limericks about Boromir

There once was a son of Gondor
Who thought that the war was a bore.
He wanted a Ring,
Just that one tiny thing
To squelch Mordor forevermore.
- Primula

The Lord of the Rings tells of a time
 Where Gondor from glory declined
 From the Eldar days
 Where Elendil held sway
 Over Arnor and Gondor combined.

Boromir fought his way through
Many a tight spot, it’s true,
But meeting ol’ Lurtz
Hit him right where it hurts
Now the girls are all crying boo hoo!!

- pi

There once was a strapping fine boy
Who liked to have swords for his toys,
He fought and he rode,
And for leadership strove,
But grew up just to fall for a ploy.
- Primula

There once was a Steward of Tirith,
Minas, that is – never feareth –
Two sons he sent out,
To go scouting about,
But the older one, he disappeareth!

There once was an actor named Bean;
The finest casting ever seen
Was the day he became
Boromir of great fame,
And made us in sympathy keen.
- Primula

There once was a Captain respected
By all, in whom no one detected
A fault or a vice,
Though his end was not nice;
His failure so many affected.
- Linaewen

There once were two hobbits quite little
Who stood with a man in the middle
The hobbits were grabbed -
Tho' the man wasn't nabbed,
How he'd follow them would be a riddle!
- Primula

That man loved those two hobbits dearly,
He wanted to save them, and nearly
Succeeded, but no!
Big orc spoiled the show,
And man's attempt ended so tearily!
- Linaewen

there once was a man full of arrows
he got there through Anduins narrows
he tried to steal the gold
and his soul he almost sold
and now he lies with the Pharohs.

Two brothers there were who were different;
One stayed behind while older one off went
On journey ordained;
His honor was stained,
But afterwards King by his side bent.
- Linaewen

There once was a man from Gondor
Whom temptation just could not ignore,
The Lady of the Wood,
Well, she understood
When she gazed at his most hidden core!
- Primula

That man wanted hope for his City,
But Galadriel gave him no pity;
She spoke in his head
And filled him with dread,
And hope died; no help for White City.
- Linaewen

The Lady once gave out a belt,
Of gold to the man that she felt
Was dangerous and proud
Snooty and loud,
But before him one day a King knelt.
- Primula

Oh, Boromir wasn't so snooty,
He really was doing his duty!
But weak man was he,
And tempted would be
Beyond his endurance. Not snooty!
- Linaewen

Tempted and flawed was that man
Who lusted for a golden band;
He should have stayed home,
And let his brother roam,
But in the river for gold he did pan.
- Primula

But if the man loved the hobbits so dearly,
He shouldn't have attacked Frodo, clearly
He messed up with this
But got Aragorn's last kiss
So it all worked out in the end, nearly.
- Boriel

There once was a young dreamer's brother,
Who never listened to another -
He stole his bro's place,
Thumbed his nose in his face,
But later found it was a bother.
- Primula

Those brothers they loved one another,
The older protected the other.
To shield the young man:
It was Boromir's plan.
And the younger respected his brother.
- Linaewen

Two brothers so very unlike
Both wanted to take the same hike,
But the grumpy old Dad
Made decisions bad,
So the weaker one felt the Ring's strike.
- Primula

If Boromir hadn't gone walking,
When those orcs the hobbits were stalking,
Would Faramir fight
As sad Boromir might,
To undo the evil Ring's talking?

The great man himself would blush
if he knew we all had a crush
on a flawed human bean
(who just happened to be named Sean)
who we speak of in an awed hush.
- Boriel

O Boromir, don't touch that Ring!
Why, what would you want with that thing?
It cannot be used,
You'll just be abused
By its evil! Oh, drat! Feels death's sting.
- Linaewen

A Steward's son once of great note
Down the Anduin took a long float.
At first with his friends,
Then alone in the end,
With some orc-bits filling his boat.
- Primula

Our hero went off in that boat,
Over falls and through fens it did float.
Off towards the sea,
Away from White Tree;
For Boromir, that's all she wrote!

That boat it was filled up with water,
But never did teeter or totter,
Faramir saw it float
(A remarkable boat!)
And wondered where Boromir bought 'er.
- Primula

He presented with grace and with style
a man who would go the extra mile
for his friends, it would seem
until he caught the rings gleam
and then he turned on the guile

But even at the worst moment he had
he left us not angry, but sad
for he showed us his heart
and that was the start
of us all following both of the lads.

(boromir and sean of course)
- Boriel

For Boromir, permit a small swoon
From Linaewen, who writes to his tune.
And for that great man
I continue to plan
Many great stories! Sa-woooon!
- Linaewen

I've been on this machine for so long
My mouse hand is feeling all wrong!
Though Boromir's dear,
I must stop, I fear,
In case a phone call comes along!
- Linaewen

And so you lay down the glove,
But this limerick dueling I loved!
I'm glad you were here,
For our Boromir dear -
Have a branch from the beak of a dove.
- Primula

With limericks, I've had enough!
This dueling, it really is tough!
I can't figure out why
I keep wanting to try
To keep doing this when it's so rough!
- Linaewen

There once was a Stewardson bright
Who thought that the Ring was his right,
He argued and blabbed,
And jumped forth to nab
But his prize disappeared, what a sight!
- Primula