Limericks about Aragorn


Strider the Ranger was brave
Adventure he often did crave
Boromir was his friend
Who died in the end
And the Hobbits he went to go save

- Galadriel TX

There once was a man, Aragorn,
Of Numenor blood he was born.
He served as a Ranger
In all kinds of Danger
Til was crowned on one early May Morn!

- Lindorie

Arwen, an elf princess fair,
Gave Strider a love that was rare.
Said Evenstar's song:
Eternity's wrong,
If spent without Isildur's heir.
- Primula

There once was a king named Aragorn.
In Sauron's crown he was a thorn.
His blade made of steel,
Brought the enemy to heel.
Of power the Dark Lord was truly shorn.
 - DesertElf

There once was a dirty old ranger,
Who wandered into very much danger,
For he did not want to be
What all else could see,
So he hid in a very dark manger.
- Queen of  Gondor

A healer (his child-name Estel),
Lacked skill with the mortar and pestle;
Instead he would chew
All the leaves into goo
And stick it on wounds - what a mess-tle.

There once an heir to it all,
Who took up his place in the hall,
He said, "It's okay,
Against that team I'll play,
'Cause with this palantir, I've the ball!"
- Primula

A Limerick For Aragorn

There once was a ranger quite bold
Who was to be king so I am told
But his hair was a mess
And his clothes most distressed
That it took days of scrubbing to rid him of mold.

There once was a Ranger named Strider
whom Arwen always wanted beside her
With sword in his hand
he went off, leaving Sam
and poor Frodo to battle the Spider!
- Old Toby

Now a ranger called Strider they said
was called Longshanks, and held him good stead
From Bree-men, and Sea-men
And all well known Free-men
Said his feet they did stick out the bed...
- Viggolove

There once was a ranger named Strider
who really was quite a good hider.
For Arwen he fell
in Gondor they dwell
and he is ever beside her
- Nuroreiel

Waged warfare against darkness-to-be,
against foes from the air, land, and sea;
When all said and done,
and vic'try was won,
humbly bowed to the Hobbits did he...

Dangerous Ranger from woods was he known,
wand'ring in elements that chilled to the bone;
in fact, he their liege,
was of noblesse oblige,
of pure heart with deeds stronger than stone.
- Brave Hobbit

There once was a Ranger named Strider
Whose miles from his Elf just grew wider,
He pined and he sighed
Til his big day arrived
Then, surprise! He was there right beside her!

In Bree there once dwelt with long legs
A Man who foul-faced, was still brave,
He said "do not stare:
I look foul, feel fair!"
And they felt him a knight among knaves.
- Primula

With a company brave that he lead
He went through the paths of the Dead
And when through them he'd gone,
And the battle was won,
He dismissed them - or so I've read.
- Firiel

There once was a fleet-footed king
Who ran like his footsteps had wings,
Then he popped from the grass,
And cried out "let us pass!"
Making riders drop all of their things.

okay, that was lame...try again.

Telcontar all his house shall be called;
(In adding more names never stalled),
One per tongue was his ruling,
Though the lists were accruing,
And his scribes were all soon going bald.

(from pulling out their hair with frustration!)

There once was a lanky-legged stranger
Whom Butterbur labeled a Ranger.
While he first seemed suspicious,
He wasn't malicious,
In fact, he helped hobbits in danger!
- Bluebell

There once was a Wilderness tracker,
Who out in the Wild was no slacker,
He once shot a deer,
In the marshes for fear
That his hobbits would starve minus snackers.
- Primula

There once was a man, Aragorn
Who wandered about all forlorn
His hair was a mess
And he seemed, more or less,
In denial of who he was born.
- Old Toby

There once was a Ranger all skanky
Who curled some noses, all ranky,
Til once in a tumble,
Rapids-washed, rumble bumble,
He clean drifted ashore like a planky.

There once was King and a Cap'n,
With all sorts of jewelry flappin'-
Sword, brooches and ring
Seemed to him quite the thing,
But y'know, it's with Elves he's been rappin'.
- Primula

Now Strider was older in years
Than Eowyn thought, of her peers
A stew she did make
Not some soup, or a cake
It had Aragorn nearly in tears...
- Viggolove

There was a royal heir from Nantucket
Who carried his sword in a bucket
It was in in several parts
But he knew them by heart(s)
When reforged in orcs he then stuck it!
- Jennan O Possums

I saw Aragorn swing away
detaching foul orcs heads all day
He swung to and fro
and his sword it did glow,
reforged Narsil - Anduril his blade.

There was a ragged-haired man,
As he tries to do all he can
He fought Sauron's minions
that's not an opinion
Though I am a big M-e fan.

I can't seem to find a good end
to give him his just due and then
Allow a new post
for guest or for host
so reading is the time I'll spend.
- pi