Intro to Haiku

Intimidated by Haiku? It's a simple form, though there is more to it than just counting syllables on your fingers - the syllable count for the three lines are as follows:

5 syllables
7 syllables
5 syllables

The first two should lead up to the third line. The best ones are musing lead-ins to something that is almost a "punch line" on the third, though not necessarily humorous (consider limericks for that) - a play on words or a new way of looking at what was being described, with some profound insight or thought.  A bit like an clever soundbite, slogan or bumper-sticker.

thought or description
thought or description
conclusion that makes the reader go "ah!"

The best way to approach a haiku is backwards. Start with your epiphany or revelation or pun that you want to put in the third line and construct that first, then write the other two lines (which can be seperate thoughts, or one thought over two lines).

Let me see... I have an idea. It's using the play of the concept of writer's block with a block of wood. Pencils are wood. What can I do with that?...  writers need ideas planted....trees are planted....

Wood pencil shavings -
I must plant hardwood forests,
Sowing writer's block.

And voila - a haiku.

Now you do it!

- Primula