Assorted Strider Haiku

Born to be king with quiet strength
Master Tracker
Loyal friend and ally

- Lindorie


Dark-hooded stranger
keen piercing eyes, strong spirit
strange one, who are you?

-Frodo Baggins

The end of an Age,
Stirred by the hand of wisdom,
A fire from ashes.
- Primula

Of Men there are two
One from the land of Gondor
He protects his home

Another man bides
He seeks not his destiny
Softly speaks wisdom

- Nuroriel

Tall, straight, leather-hard;
Blood of past and future kings,
With a broken sword.

- MithrandirCQ

A Diamante for Aragorn.

dark, secret
watching, hunting, tracking
sword, bow - banner, crown
delivering, protecting, healing
noble, wise

- TheWhiteRider

Fresh wings for Wingfoot,
From a soldier to a King:
Faithful Hasufel.

Steps to guide the path,
Longshanks crossed by the fireside,
Telcontar of Bree.

Lowly appearance,
Weather-beaten and rugged,
This gold glitters not.
- Primula


Crimson cobwebs bind--
One cannot destroy the hope
Of your people; bleed.
- Narya

First known as Estel
Then Aragorn and Strider
Geez! Too many names!
- Laurwen

For King Elessar

Weathered hands healing
Wise heart measuring justice
King for the Fourth Age
- Bregalad

Upon your breast, healing:
The silver-winged Elfstone,
Flying to your land.

Restor'd unto your hand;
Shards of history renewed,
The Flame of the West.

Gathered against need;
Dunedain athelas,
Essence sweet to breathe.

By this know the King:
His word commands souls of dead,
Darkness flees his hands.
- Primula

Patience and wisdom
With hands both strong and gentle
Tending the injured

Shades of greatness lie,
Within a scabbard of doubt.
Aragorn, believe.

Among elanor,
Near the golden mallorn trees,
future King and Queen
- sevilodorf


Stranger in a cloak
Lit only by red ashes
A friend in disguise


A human foundling
Raised by Elves in Rivendell
Bringing hope to Men


Crowned with white gulls' wings
A King bowing to heros
Bloom of the White Tree
- Orangeblossom Took

Evermost watchful
Mysteriously leading
Hobbits to safety


Noble and valiant
With eyes grey as a calm sea
Like the kings of old
- Frodowannabe

Dark worn, dark travelled
Sword carried aloft with pride
Friends always beside
- Viggolove

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