Samwise Haiku

Blade straight
He stands to defend
His master and friend
Against HER lash

- AuntKimby35

One for Sam

He's a liar and a thief
Frodo doesn't see
He will kill us in our sleep.

- Lobelia

Wait yells Sam running
I am going with you too
or knock holes in boats.

Bless you Sam Gamgee
A foolish hobbit you are
So glad you're with me.

- DandyB

Servant and Gardener
Loyalty and Devotion
Pragmatic and Honest

- MithrandirCQ

Who was there for you
Ninny-hammer hobbit boy
Wisdom brave and true

- pilbara orc

Haiku for Sam

Gandalf I promised
To never leave Frodo’s side
And I never did

You trusted Gollum
I could feel his trickery
Were you so alike?

I see you suffer
I would carry your burden
You softly say no

I do not blame you
When you are not quite yourself
It is the one ring

I will lift you up
Toward the top of Mt. Doom
Can you destroy it?

Even at the end
When hope seemed far beyond reach
Still I held you close

Good tilled earth is best
Planting Galadriel’s dust
A mallorn tree grows

I say farewell now
But it is not forever
Rosie is waiting

Oh Samwise Gamgee
Stout hearted friend ever true
You have Rosie’s heart

- kaybaggins

dear soot-blackened face
here at the end of all things
carried in your arms

Mayor of the shire
many golden-haired children
shiny garden blooms

gray ship sails away
consolation in small girl
pain recedes into mist

- Orangeblossom Took

Faithful to the end
There’s no better friend than this
More than a brother

Looks at shiny swords
Sees his box of dirt in hand
Sam prefers the earth

Torn in two I feel
Will I never be complete?
Even this will pass

Simple gardener
Learned his letters very well
Lover of the Elves

Elbereth, high star
Guide me when my path is dark
Frodo I must guard

Elanor he loves
Rosie is his dearest bloom
Sam loves all his flow’rs

Ninnyhammer, me.
Why’d I have to drop those eaves?
Now I’ll be a toad!

Frodo I would help.
He says I cannot understand.
What can poor Sam do?

Humble above all
Never seeks to gain his own
How we love him so!

Faithful to the end
There’s no better friend than this
More than a brother

- Lady Lindiriel