Rohan Haiku

Riders of Rohan
Phenomenal warriors,
Fearless in battle.


Land of the horse-lords,
Magnificent chargers roam
Across grassy plains.


Forth rode Theoden,
Upon fields of Pelennor.
He died with honour.

(King Theoden)

Royal barrow graves
Where sweet simbelmyne blossoms,
Glinting with starlight.

-Daisy Gold

The mighty horse lords
Thundering across green plains
Moving with the wind

Untimely felled
Was Theodred of Rohan
A beloved prince

Through once misty eyes
He was awoken anew
By Gandalf the White

Oh Pelennor Fields
Crimson upon the petals
Rain washes anew

- Kaybaggins

Golden shield gleaming -
Théoden, King of the Mark,
Honourable man

Son of Éomund,
Weeping by a maiden fair
With brotherly love.

Galloping horses
The trumpeting of horns;
Forth Eorlingas!

His eyes darken,
But death hath no shame -
Théoden, son of Thengel

Stern and fearless eyes,
Strong and valiant of heart:
Third Marshal of Riddermark

Flag of white horse upon green,
Glint of sun on spear -
Last host of Rohan
- Fan of Faramir

A Decline and Recovery
Rohan's fortune renewed
By Angmar slain
- Theoden

A hopeless love
Martial spirit she bore
The Witch King slain
- Eowyn

Loyal and Valiant
Oath of Eorl renewed
Lothiriel wed
- Eomer

A Warrior of note
A rout at Helm's Deep
The Hornburg held
- Erkenbrand
- MithrandirCQ

Haiku for Eowyn

Unsuitable match
Reek freezes gold to shoulders
Elf Queen kisses groom.
- Beruthiel


Mighty in battle
Loyal even though exiled
Proud horse-lord


A King ensorcelled
Old and grey before his time
Freed by Wizard's staff
- Orangeblossom Took

Eomer to Theoden

To battle, you I follow,
Living flag, your mount graceful and white
As simbelmynë blossoms.

- Primula