Haiku by Primula

Merry & Theoden

Winter and Spring meet
Everlasting in friendship
For a little while

Dear Merry, grieve not,
For he knew that you loved him;
Smoke and remember


No longer trembling
Captian of battles you are,
The Magnificent.

Oh why did you look?
I don't know what will happen,
And now I'm alone.

Practical Merry,
For the secret way is locked
And you have the key.

Furniture hauler,
You set up the wardrobe but
Didn't take the slip.

Oh clever hobbit,
Solving Moria's puzzle
When wizard confused.


Lifted into the wind;
The banner, my hopes skyward,
Lifted and scattered.

Look at me, Uncle,
Your mind seems so far away...
Do you know my face?

Rohan's White Lady,
Whiter than frost-touched lilies,
Cold white heart and steel.

Men fall in terror, not I,
For no man am I.


Truest quality
Refined through Ring of fire
Leaves it by the road.

Blackly fevered dreams
Awakening to daylight
Pale as bone and ash.

Into healing hands
Give up thy brother's sceptre;
Gondor's Lord returned.


Descending into fire
I am laying down my life
To be lifted up.

I would not answer
But he will blow my door down
Through the hill and out!

Friends faces fire-lit,
They will faithfully follow
Into fire's darkness.

Leaping on tables,
This interpretive dancing,
It rings of folly.

From the burning Eye,
Eyes in darkness to blue eyes;
Yes, the eyes have it.

Cast into the fire,
For out of fire it was cast;
He was cast for this.

Sing for me, Samwise,
That hearing, I may escape
By song and by prayer.

I'm glad we found it,
But telling, please remember
I am not Bingo!

Please let him wake up -
If he will only awake,
Or let me dream too.


Nimrodel's singer,
With the pen of weariness
Drawing silver tales.

Darkness approaching!
He lifts a star-crowned visage
To pierce and protect.

Peregrin Took

Peregrin the Took;
Such loyalty to friends,
Without great wisdom.

Pippin of the Shire,
He’s traveling without food -
Courageous hobbit.

Pippin’s gravity:
Hit by so many apples,
Newton would be proud.

Following Pippin,
Trouble dogs his small steps,
A stone’s throw away.

Grateful for his life,
Service to a dour Steward,
His payment in full.

So incongruous,
Curly-headed hobbit lad
Counted with the Great.

Strange to think that drink,
Rather than maturity,
Makes Ent Friends grow up.

Eomer to Theoden

To battle, you I follow,
Living flag, your mount graceful and white
As simbelmynë blossoms.


The end of an Age,
Stirred by the hand of wisdom,
A fire from ashes.

Fresh wings for Wingfoot,
From a soldier to a King:
Faithful Hasufel.

Steps to guide the path,
Longshanks crossed by the fireside,
Telcontar of Bree.

Lowly appearance,
Weather-beaten and rugged,
This gold glitters not.

Upon your breast, healing:
The silver-winged Elfstone,
Flying to your land.

Restor'd unto your hand;
Shards of history renewed,
The Flame of the West.

Gathered against need;
Dunedain athelas,
Essence sweet to breathe.

By this know the King:
His word commands souls of dead,
Darkness flees his hands.

No one suspects us
Dreaming of Tolkien's hobbits,
The stars in our hearts.

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