Pippin Haiku

Peregrin the Took;
Such loyalty to friends,
Without great wisdom.

Pippin of the Shire,
He’s traveling without food -
Courageous hobbit.

Pippin’s gravity:
Hit by so many apples,
Newton would be proud.

Following Pippin,
Trouble dogs his small steps,
A stone’s throw away.

Grateful for his life,
Service to a dour Steward,
His payment in full.

So incongruous,
Curly-headed hobbit lad
Counted with the Great.

Strange to think that drink,
Rather than maturity,
Makes Ent Friends grow up.

- Primula

Wisdom of ages
deep hidden in the heart of Pip
in good time appears.

Clash of sword on sword
Pip raises his small weapon
small feet quick and sure.

- Lilywillow

Pippin walking
An apple tossed
What if trees could talk?

- Shelob