Haiku by Orangeblossom Took

Fellowship, Assorted
LOTR Objects
The Stewards

Haiku of love

kind words and gray eyes
her heart blooms like a flower
the winter is gone

a sweet, faithful rose
her gardener will return
fair and patient bloom

the leaves fade away
a star's light flickers and dims
crying for lost love

The Stewards

despair engulfing
the enemy triumphant
fire consumes steward

valiant warrior
tainted gold ring desiring
redemption through death

gray eyes full of hope
heart of brave maiden healing
fair prince of gardens

For Faramir and Boromir

In the pale moonlight
The river swallows my tears
his boat drifts away

A romantic haiku for Faramir and Eowyn
A Kiss to Chase the Dark

Dark storm clouds dissolve
Lips meet with hope and healing
The Sun shines on them

Elf Haiku

arrows fly straight and true
friend of dwarves, hobbits, and men
dancing over snow

master of healing
wise words heeded at council
dear ones left behind

queen of bright and good
passes ring's rigorous test
light fades into west

dark radiant star
ages come and ages go
love wedded to death

dark hair and gray eyes
twin suns of their father's heart
fighters for the light

gold and white elf-lord
bright sword and swift horse lending
the nine are out-run

Enigma haiku

his song is lively
the trees and ponies know him
he just is forever

water lily fair
an elf maid or a spirit?
the river's daughter

Monster haiku

Fire, whip, and sword
A demon raised from the deep
The chasm's evil

In dark she skitters
Her sting pierces his frail flesh
Is the light too late?

Black wings flap above
No living man can kill him
The tall king of wraiths

Haldir Haiku

a fair lady grieves
her brightest leaf is fallen
the golden woods fade

he does not idly fall
bright gold leaf of Lorien
proud to fight for men

sacred halls open
green waves lap Valinor's shores
a restful reward

Haiku for Sam

dear soot-blackened face
here at the end of all things
carried in your arms

Mayor of the shire
many golden-haired children
shiny garden blooms

gray ship sails away
consolation in small girl
pain recedes into mist

Object Haiku

tall, pointy gray hat
shelters a wizardly brow
lost to balrog's flame

a small sword shines bright
it's blue glow warns of danger
slayer of spiders

Sam uses them well
cooks rabbits or clouts orc heads
handy pots and pans

Gimli Haiku

axe sings with delight
orc heads roll in a fierce game
a dwarf triumphant

the caves sing to him
rocks and stones cheer loyal heart
glimmering caverns

small, fierce warrior
sweet words delight fair elf queen
gift dearer than gold


A high, piercing wail
Poison shards working inward
Some wounds never heal