Mithlond Haiku

He is lost to me
Oh, cold stars and vast ocean
We two are sundered
- Orangeblossom Took

A far green country
ships sail a westerly course
upon gentle waves.
- Triba

The errand is done
My heart cannot rest here, Sam
I hear the sea bell
- Lothithil

Silver plumes, wooden,
And those of crystal above,
Shine on those below.

Three standing towers,
Poised as dancers of marble,
Aged and graceful.
- Primula

Istari arrive,
Standing like crayons in a box,
Five all in a row.

Five colors they show,
With so many to pick from,
Why do two have blue?

What does Cirdan see?
Within a wooden tub, five
Wizards a-bobbing.

Havens: no shootin' -
No goose-hunting season for
Biggest swans ever.
- Primula

Grey port left behind
Ship dances on silver waves
Onward to white shores.
- Daughter of Kings

Some Mithlond Haikus

Second Age settled
Gil-Galad and Cirdan made
Ships to Valinor

Harbor to Cirdan
The Gulf of Lhûn located
White Ships awaiting

Four Ring bearers join
Fate of Middle-Earth complete
To A fair Green land
- MithrandirCQ

Reeling in the sky
Keen eyes watching the grey ships
The gulls cry farewell

Golden light on grey
White sails vanish in silver
Colors melt away
- Orangeblossom Took