Two Towers Haiku by MithrandirCQ

A collection of Two Towers themed haiku, some of which may be found in other categories also.

Tall and forbidding
The entrance to Sauron’s realm
Enemy forces issued forth
- The Black Gate

Elephants of War
Haradrim War-towers in battle
Invulnerable beasts
- Mumâk

Burned during Kin-strife
A citadel of the Stars
Chief Palantir kept
- Osgiliath

A refuge and fortress
Eowyn led refugees
A path to Oathbreakers
- Dunharrow

A defensible Gorge
The Westfold of Rohan
White Hand defeated
- Helms Deep

Fortress of Rohan
A great Horn echoed in battle
Master of Westfold dwelt
- The Hornburg

Obsidian rock impenetrable
A ring of stone
- Isengard

Theoden's doorward
Valiant and loyal Captain
At Hornburg slain
- Háma

Sunset window
Window on the West
A Rangers refuge
-Henneth Annûn

The south-people
Primitive and savage
Tall and dark-skinned
- Haradrim

Wild and Menacing
Quickly moving, shadow wrapped
Orcs great fear
- Huorns

Disingenuous and sly
A White Lady lusted for
The scheming Worm
- Grima Wormtongue

The Guardian
A wrath upon Isengard
Eldest earthborn
- Treebeard

Loyal and Valiant
Oath of Eorl renewed
Lothiriel wed
- Eomer

A Warrior of note
A rout at Helm's Deep
The Hornburg held

Learned and Discerning
The White Lady of Rohan
Black Breath he fell
- Faramir

A Decline and Recovery
Rohan's fortune renewed
By Angmar slain
- Theoden

A hopeless love
Martial spirit she bore
The Witch King slain
- Eowyn

- MithrandirCQ

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