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- MithrandirCQ

master of haiku
stringing words together so

lover of the form
words like pearls dropped lovingly
into our open hearts

- LilyWillow

The Lock bearer
Lord of the Glittering Caves
Mithril and Steel wrought
- Gimli

Black Númenórean
Cunning and evil Sorcerer
Mordor Messenger
- Mouth of Sauron

Minas Morgul Lieutenant
Pelennor fields Commander
Úlairi presumed
- Gothmog

A Captain of the West
Elvish and Dunadan ancestry
Morannon battle fought
- Prince Imrahil

Lossarnach woman
Houses of the Healing
Loquacious and wise
- Ioreth

The land of the Moon
Legolas and brethren beautified
Princedom for Faramir
- Ithilien

Ered Nimrais grown
Staves by Faramir given
Silver Crown kept
- Lebethron

Mountain of flame
The forging of the Ring
Destruction of Sauron
- Orodruin

Woses Chieftain
A Guide thru Druadan forest
The Rohirrim aided
- Ghân-buri-Ghân

A wolf's head shaped
Minas Tirith Gate destroyed
Battering ram of Steel
- Grond

Ranger of the North
Elendil's standard-bearer
Pelenor fields slain
- Halbarad

Nan Elmoth dwelt
Great smith and dwarf friend
Metal Galvorn invented
- Eöl

Noldorin White Lady
Tall, hair dark and pale
Rider and Huntress
- Aredhel

A Tower Lord
The life of Finrod saved
By Gorlim betrayed
- Barahir

Mighty Strongbow
Great woodsman and Warrior,
Slain with Anglachel
- Beleg

Theoden’s doorward
Valiant and loyal Captain
At Hornburg slain
- Háma

The south-people
Primitive and savage
Tall and dark-skinned
- Haradrim

Sunset window
Window on the West
A Rangers refuge
- Henneth Annûn

Wild and Menacing
Quickly moving, shadow wrapped
Orcs great fear
- Huorns

Obsidian rock impenetrable
A ring of stone
- Isengard

Of Manwe’s host
Frodo and Sam rescued
Brethren of eagles
- Landroval

Waybread of Elves
Cakes of lasting freshness
A long journey made
- lembas S./coimas Q.

The black land
Blasted ash and scorched earth
A Living Horror
- Mordor

Capital of Gondor
Citadel of the Stars
Chief Palantir kept
- Osgiliath

The Dead door
The Oath breakers lamenting
A Prophecy fulfilled
- Paths of the Dead

Some Mithlond Haikus

Second Age settled
Gil-Galad and Cirdan made
Ships to Valinor

Harbor to Cirdan
The Gulf of Lhûn located
White Ships awaiting

Four Ring bearers join
Fate of Middle-Earth complete
To A fair Green land

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