Alphabetic Haiku by MithrandirCQ

Great Music of Ainur
Three themes of Iluvatar
Melkor's discordant marring
- Ainulindalë

The Dark Tower
Fortress of Evil and Hate
Sauron's Great Capital
- Barad-dür

The bane of Huan
Drauglin's line was bred
Wolf of Angband
- Carcharoth

Hill of Sorcery
The Necromancer's realm
Mirkwood's dread
- Dol Guldur

A Sea-friend
Last King of Gondor
Proud and Childless
- Eärnur

Father of Mearas
Eorl the Young's steed
A bane to Lëod
- Felaróf

The foe-hammer
Elves of Gondolin made
Mate of Orcrist
- Glamdring

Peer of Elven-lords
Greatest Edain Chieftain
Lord of Dor-Lomin
- Hador

Valley of Black Magic
Terror, dread and foreboding
The living Death
- Imlad Morgul

Crystalline encased
The Light of the Two Trees
Hallowed by Varda
- Jewels of Fëanor

An Oathbreaker
Foreswore allegiance to Isildur
The Stone of Erech
- King of the Dead

A Great friendship born
Master bowman, arrow swift
The Sea-longing
-Legolas Greenleaf

Valiant and over-proud
Love of Idril, Tuor hated
Gondolin betrayer

Small and slender stem
Lorien white with pale green
Cerin Amroth grown
- Niphredil

The Bonfire Glade
Malevolent and mobile
Akin to Fangorn
-Old Fores t

Haven of the Faithful
From Numenor Elendil landed
Enclosure of Royal Ships
- Pelargir

A language of lore
Great songs and poetry
The Ancient Tongue
- Quenya

Renowned Horsemen
With sword, shield and lance
Cavalry of Knights
- Riders of Rohan

Chambers of Fire
Crack of Doom contained
Sauron's Road
- Sammath Naur

Eldest of Trees
Green with Shining silver
Last flower Ithil formed
- Telperion

Spirit of evil
Cloaked with the Unlight
Wells of Varda drained
- Ungoliant

Realm of Aman
The Two Trees born
Site of Taniquetil
- Valinor

A little waterfall
Dwelling place of Fangorn
The base of Methedras
- Wellinghall

Time measured
A waxing and waning
The mingling of lights
-Years of the Trees

Durin's Tower built
The Mountains of Moria
A Balrog defeated
- Zirakzigil

- MithrandirCQ

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