Haiku by MithrandirCQ

Two Towers Characters Haikus

Learned and Discerning
The White Lady of Rohan
Black Breath he fell
- Faramir

A Decline and Recovery
Rohan's fortune renewed
By Angmar slain
- Theoden

A hopeless love
Martial spirit she bore
The Witch King slain
- Eowyn

Disingenuous and sly
A White Lady lusted for
The scheming Worm
- Grima Wormtongue

The Guardian
A wrath upon Isengard
Eldest earthborn
- Treebeard

Proud, wise and valiant
The Palantir gaze held
A pyre of fire
- Denethor

Loyal and Valiant
Oath of Eorl renewed
Lothiriel wed
- Eomer

A Warrior of note
A rout at Helm's Deep
The Hornburg held
- Erkenbrand

Gentle and Wise
Countenance and patience shown
Seven sons she bore
- Nerdanel

Reflective and moderate
The slaughter at Tumhalad
Nargothrond's last King
- Orodreth

The Tall and the Fair
Healing of Finwe's grief
A song of the lirulan
- Indis

Lady of the Sea
Swan maiden of Alqualonde
Spouse to Finarfin
- Earwen

The choice of Half-elven
A union of Atani and Noldor
Spouse to Earendil
- Elwing

Follower of Aule
Great Smith and beloved pupil
Feanor he taught
- Mahtan

Befriended Fingon
Slain by Thangorodrim's fire
Sired by Finarfin
- Aegnor

Iron eminent one
The rebellion of the Noldor
Dagor Bragollach slain
- Angrod


Edain Haikus

Enslaved by Easterlings
Companion of Voronwë
The tokens of Ulmo

The Steadfast one
Wise with great fortitude
Torments of Morgoth

Fostered by Thingol
Wielder of Gurthang
Slayer of Glaurung

Ring of Barahir held
The Quest of the Silmaril
Luthien's requited love

The tower lord
Finrod's savior
Betrayed by Gorlim


Eldar Haikus

Commander of Power
King of Gondolin
Wielder of Glamdring

Spirit of fire
Tengwar and Silmaril made
Mightiest Noldor

Penitent at Tirion
Finwë's fairest and wisest
Father to Galadriel

Morgoth he wounds
Mighty and valiant Noldor
Wielder of Ringil

Healer of Noldor
Set Glaurung to defeat
Slain by Balrogs

Master of Caves
Nargothrond built
Buried in Tol Sirion

Vanyar Leader
Great Journey to Aman
Elvish High King
- Ïngwe


Fëanor's Sons Haikus

Fëanor's eldest,
Thangorodrim Thorondor saved
Dagor Aglareb Victory

Fostered Elrond and Elros
The Great Jewel burned
Singing pain and regret

Proud and fair of face
Oromë's hound Huan gave
Menegroth Dior did slay

Haughty and harsh
Lake Helevorn dwelt
Finarfin's sons hated

Most skillful in craft
Cunning and treacherous
Knife Angrist he bore

Twin brothers
Mild in Manner and Speech
Great Hunters of the chase
-Amrod & Amras


Valar/Maiar Haikus

The Land of Dreams
Prescience of Mind
giving ease and revival

The Prison Fortress
He who keeps the Dead
Speaker of Doom

Lover of nightingales
Caring, beautiful and wise
The exquisite singer

The one who wears grey
Giver of healing and rest
Spouse to Lorien

Ruler of the Inner Sea
Lady of the Seas
Friend of the Teleri

Lover of Storms
Numenor he raised
Espoused to Uinen

Herald of Manwë
The Eldar he judged
Teacher to the Dúnedain

The Great Weaver
Tapestry of Time revealed
Story of all Things
- Vairë

The Ever-Young
Flowers and birds tended
Golden flowers grown


Hobbit Haikus

Perceptions of the Heart
The Heroic Ringbearer
Great wounds he bore
-Frodo Baggins

Servant and Gardener
Loyalty and Devotion
Pragmatic and Honest
-Samwise Gamgee

Isengard's demise
Knight, Counselor and Master
Angmar he did smite
-Meriadoc Brandybuck

Palantir recovered
Madness of Denethor warned
Knight and King's Messenger
-Peregrin Took


Haiku-like verses on "The Hobbit"

A Game of Riddles
Adventurer, author, scholar
Road goes ever on
-Bilbo Baggins

Scales of Gems
Gloried in Treasure
The Lonely Mountain

The skin changer
Honeycakes and cram
Slayer of Bolg
- Beorn

Barrel-riders escape
Love of jewels and riches
Legolas he sired

An oak branch shield
The Arkenstone craved
Durin's folk he led
-Thorin II (Oakenshield)

Lord of Moria
Durin's bane revealed
Azanulbizar slain

The wind lord
Rescuer and messenger
Swift and valiant
-Gwaihir (Lord of the Eagles)


The Valar

Creator of the stars
Most beautiful Valar
The exalted one
- Varda

Great Hunter and Rider
Lover of Trees
The horn blower
- Orome

The one who mourns
Enduring Spirit and Healer
Teacher to Olorin
- Nienna

Lord of Crafts
Creator of Dwarves
Maker of the two Lamps
- Aule

Lover of Water
Friend of Turgon
The music of longing
- Ulmo

Giver of fruits
Creator of the Two Trees
Queen of the Earth
- Yavanna

Deeds of Prowess
Strongest of the Valar
The Valiant one
- Tulkas

The swift one
Lover of dancing
Sister of Orome
- Nessa

Noblest of the Valar;
Guardian of the skies-
The Elder King


Spirit of Fire;
Cloaked in Foreboding darkness-
Flaming whips of death

Lady of Light;
Golden beauty of Morning-
Keeper of Adamant

Betrayer of Iluvatar;
Might and domination personified
Destroyer of Light

Moon-silver beauty
Soft song bringing ancient tears
To the elven lords
-Luthien Tinuviel

Darkness wore a cloak;
Wrapping for a pale rider
Astride a black horse.

Beneath the Black crown;
Red, in a skull of blue fire,
The Eye burns with hate.

Snowy brows, blue eyes;
A flash of fire and thunder
The old Grey Pilgrim.

Tall, straight, leather-hard;
Blood of past and future kings,
With a broken sword.

- MithrandirCQ
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