Meriadoc Haiku

Merry & Theoden

Winter and Spring meet
Everlasting in friendship
For a little while

Dear Merry, grieve not,
For he knew that you loved him;
Smoke and remember
- Primula

A Merry Haiku

Lighthearted rascal
Maturity brings heartache
Great hearted Hobbit
- Bregalad

Traveling Witch-King
Always together until
Unpacked by baggage.


An empty belly
With a mind like a razor
Merry Brandybuck!
- Lothithil

No longer trembling
Captian of battles you are,
The Magnificent.

Oh why did you look?
I don't know what will happen,
And now I'm alone.

Practical Merry,
For the secret way is locked
And you have the key.

Furniture hauler,
You set up the wardrobe but
Didn't take the slip.

Oh clever hobbit,
Solving Moria's puzzle
When wizard confused.
- Primula

Prince among halflings
"So gay a spirit in him"
Ever trustworthy