Haiku by Lothithil

Two haiku for Frodo

A simple Hobbit
Who brings the Age to an End
Our fragile Hero

It was not his wish
To be the Hope of the World
But it was his choice

Haiku for a lonely morning, DarkElf watches the sky

SeaElf sails on air
Back into the West to dwell
Leaves DarkElf smiling
Tears fall as friends part
But hearts newly awakened
Never sleep again


Smeagol and Gollum
One creature with two voices
Who wins this debate?


A stolen body
Evil beyond redemption
Twisted and souless

Round 7, Orkish Haiku

The Elves have music
Men relish the light of Sun
Orcs have appetite


A voice of thunder
With heart and hand of love
That wizard is my friend



What is this burden?
The Elf's weight is naught
But this Dwarf is killing me!

Aragorn & Brego

Arwen prays for me
Something is eating my nose
No rest for Rangers

Bill the Pony

Loyal and sturdy
He will be safe, Sam
He learned much in Rivendell


She waits in the dark
With great anticipation
Gollum has promised

One of the hobbits

Bare feet on the path
The Road goes on forever
Gosh, I am hungry!



The guardsman's son said
"I can stand you on your head"
Be my friend instead


An empty belly
With a mind like a razor
Merry Brandybuck!


The errand is done
My heart cannot rest here, Sam
I hear the sea bell


Maggot will never catch me!
Ow! my bottom hurts!


Nine strangers are one
The Fellowship of the Ring
By friendship are bound



My ear is twitching
Lobelia and Otho
They must be nearby


Brave Man of Rohan
Your body a sword to wield
In defense of King

"If they come to trade
For the goods we have here stored;
The price will be high!"


People of Rohan
Clean-limbed and strong, man and horse
Ride now to Gondor!


Gondor will perish
Will you not lend me the Ring
To save my people?


Green-brown warrior
Ranger of Ithilien
Will you not help him?


I have spent my sons
What is to be seems less black
to me than my grief



Bright lights hurts our eyes
But we must follow the Baggins
Precious is calling


His bushy eyebrows
Big blue hat and silver scarf
Master of Fireworks


Im Frodo Baggins
Elin sila lumenn'


Wandering, singing
In lands westward they linger
Reluctant to leave

For the common Man/Hobbit/Elf/Orc/Ent/etc

They play their part well
Then to the roadside fall, but
We do not forget


On the subject of fear and courage: Frodo's thoughts, or my own?

A coldness bone-deep
paralyzing shame and doubt
Yet I must go on

This is my own trial
But having such companions
Eases my burden

When this thing is done
And Time kinder to us
A merry meeting then

For Orangeblossom Took:
She spins poetry
Music, words her wheel and thread
I will watch and learn


The peak of terror
My will no longer my own
The Ring wears me now

Each of us must face
Mortality, that road need
Not be trod alone


Quarte Haiku for Frodo

One gentle being
Entrusted not for his strength
But for his spirit

To destroy the Ring;
He has no hope to do this
He can only try

And what can reward
This ultimate sacrifice?
He does not ponder

A heart full of love
Forgiveness and of pity
Can we be like him?

Blue March

The passing of years
Touch me as they never have
Now the Ring is gone

The mirror denies
Who is that hobbit peering?
I do not know him

Before me life lies
Never to return to what was
I am still fading

I can still feel it
Ghostly itch on my finger
Long consumed by fire


World sleeps under snow
Spring shall not end this season
Winter in my heart

A Feast for the eyes
Fellowship in review
Marathon to King

(Halavana and Lothithil have invaded the hobbit-hole of Elenna, and we are enjoying our own private movie marathon of all three extended editions! By Saturday night, our brains shall be mush!)

~~~twelve hours after that~~~

Towers and the trees
Battle between heart and mind
Hope is fostered there

~~~six hours even later~~~

Living Kings and dead
Companions fight, reunite
Grey Haven tears flow

Fighting for balance
An Elf must tread carefully
Between Earth and Sky